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October Movie Preview

October kicks off with a bang with the sequel to the movie that turned into Liam Neeson into an ass kicking machine, Taken 2 and ends with the obligatory slew of horror movies leading to Halloween.  Check out everything that is coming out this month below.

October 5th

  • Taken 2: Bryan Mills is working a swanky security job in Istanbul when he gets a surprise visit from his wife and daughter.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Albanian human trafficking gang that Bryan killed his way through in the first movie are out for revenge.
  • Pitch Perfect: A new girl shakes up the misfit singing group, The Bellas, and gives them a shot at beating their rival male singing group.
  • Frankenweenie: Tim Burton directs this stop motion animated movie that follows young scientist Victor, who brings his pet dog, Sparky, back to life and must try to hide him from his small town.

October 12th

  • Argo: The latest from Ben Affleck, Argo is based on the true story of a CIA rescue mission into Iran where the rescue team posed as a Canadian film crew, looking to shoot a sci fi movie in Iran in order to enter the country undetected.
  • Here Comes the Boom: Kevin James enters the world of MMA and the UFC to save the music program of the school he teaches at.
  • Seven Psychopaths: A wacky heist movie starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell where the object getting stolen is a prized Shih Tzu.
  • Sinister: An author moves his family into a new house and uncovers a horrifying secret in the previous family’s home movies.

October 19th

  • Alex Cross: Based on the James Patterson characters, Tyler Perry stars as the eponymous detective, who must track down a vicious killer with military training and an obsession with pain.
  • Paranormal Activity 4: Katie and the kidnapped son of her sister hide out in a small suburban neighborhood, but one of their neighbors, a teenage girl, starts to notice strange occurrences happening.

October 26th

  • Chasing Mavericks: Gerard Butler trains a young surfer to be able to tackle giant, once in a lifetime  waves called mavericks.
  • Cloud Atlus: The latest from the Wachowski siblings is a ridiculously ambitious story spanning thousands of years where various characters are interconnected, from Victorian England to the far flung future.
  • Fun Size: Teenager Wren is looking to throw the ultimate Halloween party but gets stuck babysitting her baby brother, who quickly wanders off on his own.
  • Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: Picking up from the first movie, Harry Mason and his daughter, Heather, are constantly moving to escape their past but it catches up with them when Harry is kidnapped, forcing Heather to journey into the demonic town of Silent Hill to rescue him.

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