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Battle at the Box Office 10/29

The vacuum of most of the new movies bombing and Paranormal Activity 4 plummeting like a rock let Argo take the top spot after three weeks.  The movie made another $12.1 million, putting it’s total to $60.5 million.  Cloud Atlas took the number two spot with $9.6 million, obviously down from the Wachowski’s other outings *cough* The Matrix *cough, and is more in line with something like The Fountain.  The movie was over three hours long, so it had less showings to earn money and it also seemed very complicated and obtuse to the average movie goer.  Hotel Transylvania took the third spot with another $9.4 million.  Dropping over 70% from last weekend, Paranormal Activity 4 completely nosedived, down to fourth place with a little over $8 million and just over $42 million total.  PA3 made over that it’s opening weekend, cementing 4 as the worst performing entry in the series.  Silent Hill: Revelation rounded out the top 5 with $8 million, down significantly from the first movie, which made just over $20 million.  The other new movies were absolute bombs with Fun Size coming in tenth place with just $4.1 million, the worst Nickelodeon movie by far and Chasing Mavericks continued the whiffing of Walden Media with a twelfth place opening and only $2.27 million, following up the $2.6 million opening of Won’t Back Down last month.  Wreck It Ralph is set to dominate the box office this weekend so expect any remaining horror movies to nose dive and everything else to make way.

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