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A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer #2

By Zach

If there’s one name that represents everything about Valentine’s Day, it’s John McClane.  At least that’s what the fifth entry in the Die Hard franchise is hoping.  A Good Day to Die Hard finds John McClane heading to Moscow to help out his son, John Jr., who has gotten in over his head.  As usual for everyone’s favorite NYPD officer, things get out of control quickly and father and son have to fight their way out against terrorists whose real motives will remain hidden until the last 2/3 of the movie.  This new trailer has some more of what looks like will be some absolutely over the top action sequences and some nods to the other movies, I appreciate the Lucy cameo, dropping John off at the airport and it looks like John might have a Russian cabbie version of Argyle.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is February 14th, 2013.

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