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News Shotgun 11/30

  • CBS airing 13 episode adaptation of Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”: Next summer, CBS will air a 13 episode series based on Under the Dome by Stephen King.  The novel followed a small town that finds themselves trapped by a mysterious, dome shaped force field and was parodied by The Simpsons Movie.
  • Plot details on Michael Bay produced found footage movie “Almanac”:  The movie will follow a teenager named David who’s father was a scientist and he finds out that his father discovered a way to time travel.  Much like Back to the Future II, a sports almanac becomes a central plot point as David, and later his friends, start to abuse the power and start causing problems with the timeline.
  • Hugh Jackman in talks for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart Returning: This week we found out that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan will return to the X-men series to reprise their roles as Profesor X and Magneto respectively and now it seems like Hugh Jackman might be back as well to play Wolverine.  The comic storyline the movie is based on featured Wolverine heavily and Jackman had a cameo in First Class, so hopefully this is basically a done deal.
  • Seth MacFarlane says Family Guy movie is definitely on the way:  MacFarlane had the comedy blockbuster of the summer with Ted, so he can probably do whatever he wants and he recently said that Family Guy will definitely be coming to the big screen in the near future.  He cited The Simpsons Movie and thought it was great but that it seemed like it could have been an episode of the show.  For the Family Guy movie, he cryptically said he would want to do something that would be impossible on television.
  • CW’s Wonder Woman show “Amazon” starts casting: The CW picked up the Wonder Woman television ball after NBC cancelled it’s attempt without airing it and it will most likely follow in the footsteps of Smallville and the recent hit, Arrow.  It was announced this week that casting for the series will start.
  • The Killing returns to AMC: After airing the second season of the crime show earlier this year, AMC announced they were cancelling it.  Netflix was primed to pick it up and air a third season but now it seems that they will be co-financing a third season, that will air back on AMC.
  • Highlander remake loses second director: Summit Entertainment is rebooting the cult 80’s classic with Ryan Reynolds supposed to be taking over for Christopher Lambert,  Justin Lin of the Fast and Furious movies was originally supposed to direct but had to drop out and 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo stepped in.  Now Fresnadillo has dropped out as well and new director has been announced.
  • SyFy greenlights Waterworld: The Series or Sequel:  Waterworld is easily one of the most infamous movies of all time and now SyFy is apparently developing a show based on it.  Apparently whenever the movie is aired on SyFy, it gets great ratings and the network wants to either create a sequel or a series based on it.
  • Agent Grant cast in SHIELD:   Relatively unknown actor Brett Dalton will play the “deadly, precise, cool under fire” Agent Grant on the SHIELD show.
  • Joe Carnahan directing Undying Love for WB:Carnahan has a ton of projects in the works and the latest added is the vampire action/love story, Undying Love, based on a comic from Image.  Set in Hong Kong, former soldier John Sargent falls in love with a  woman named Mei, who is a vampire and Sargent must face off against her vampire creator and his army of mobsters.
  • Girl Meets World coming to Disney Channel: The sequel series to Boy Meets World finds Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel returning as Corey and Topanga Matthews and the series will follow their daughter, Riley, and her misadventures in middle school.

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