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Aftershock Trailer

By Zach


Eli Roth is producing and starring in the upcoming horror/disaster movie, Aftershock.  Roth plays an American tourist who is in Chile and gets a couple locals to bring him to an underground nightclub.  Everything seems to be going awesome until a massive earthquake hits.  As if the damage from the quake isn’t bad enough, apparently it also allowed a bunch of vicious criminals to escape into the city as well.  Now, Roth and a small group of survivors have to make their way to safety.  It’s an interesting idea, I’m just wondering if society would fall apart and go insane as quickly as appears to in this movie.  I guess have criminals escape kind of justifies the horrible acts it looks are going to be perpetrated but it’s still stretching disbelief just a bit.  The movie is out sometime next year and you can check out the trailer below.

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