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News Shotgun 1/4


  • Bates Motel premiering on March 18thThe show based on the classic “Psycho” is premiering on A&E on March 18th.  Carlton Cuse, former show runner of Lost and Executive Producer of Bates Motel, says that the show is inspired by the movie but is not directly related to it and is forming it’s own canon of the Norman Bates story.
  • Open Road buys Steve Jobs biopic, jOBSThe Ashton Kutcher starring biopic about the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, has been bought by Open Road, who put out The Grey and Lockout among other movies last year.  The distributor is looking at an April release for the movie.
  • The Raid: Redemption starts shooting this year: One of the best action movies of last year was the Indonesian martial arts extravaganza, The Raid: Redemption.  The sequel is going to start shooting in a couple of weeks with director Gareth Evans back to direct and star Iko Uwais returning as well.  The sequel, subtitled Berandal, will take place 2 hours after the events of the first.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy casting starting: The casting for the last Marvel movie before Avengers 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, has begun and some of the names thrown about for leader Peter Quill aka Starlord are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, John Krasinski and Michael Rosenbaum.  Casting front runners for the Kratosesque Drax the Destroyer are Isiah Mustafa, Dave Bautista and Patrick Wade.
  • Hayley Atwell won’t be back for Cap 2Atwell, who played Peggy Carter in Captain America, won’t be back for the sequel.  The new movie should mainly take place in the present as it’s focusing on the return of Bucky Barnes as The Winter Soldier and villain Crossbones, along with whatever SHIELD/Avengers nonsense is happening.
  • Carrie remake pushed to OctoberThe remake of Carrie, starring Chole Grace Moretz, has been pushed from it’s Spring release to October, one week before Paranormal Activity 5.  It makes more sense for it to be released close to Halloween but PA could still be some heavy competition.
  • Ubisoft developing a Ghost Recon movie: Ubisoft has a movie in development for Assassin’s Creed (starring Michael Fassbender) and Splinter Cell (starring Tom Hardy) and now they are developing a movie based on one of their other big franchises, Ghost Recon.  In case you’re not familiar, the Ghost Recon games follow an elite squad of soldiers who use the most advanced technology available to get in and out of locations without being detected.
  • Project X the most pirated movie of 2012: The found footage party movie was the most pirated movie of the year with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol second, The Dark Knight Rises in third, The Avengers in fourth and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in fifth.  The main theory about why Project X was the front runner is that all the teens who were unable to see it due to it’s R rating instead just pirated it.
  • Lord of the Rings theme park coming to Universal?Universal has already struck gold with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but they are apparently in talks with the Tolkien family to create a new park based on the Lord of the Rings.  If they managed to work out some sort of deal, it would be a massive blow to Disney, who would almost have to leverage their newly acquired Star Wars license into a park of it’s own.


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