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News Shotgun 1/25


  • JJ Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII: The creator of Lost, Fringe and Alias and director of Cloverfield and Star Trek (and the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness) will be directing Episode VII of Star Wars.  He admitted during the numerous Star Trek interviews that, while he loves Trek, he’s a much bigger Star Wars fan.  If he can bring the same amount of action and fun that he brought to Star Wars, I’m on board but I hope there isn’t a bullshit viral campaign or over the top secrecy like his last couple of projects.
  • Justice League roster confirmed: Not too surprising but the League will be comprised of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman, most likely facing off against Darkseid.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel starts shooting in MayThe sequel to the international blockbuster by Ang Lee is getting a sequel and it will start shooting in May.  Ronnie Yu, director of Fearless, is in talks to direct and the movie will follow Michelle Yeoh’s character, Yu Shu Lien, but Yeoh will probably not reprise the role.
  • The Rock starring as a teddy bear It worked for Seth McFarlane with Ted last year and now The Rock will be starring in the appropriately titled Teddy Bear, which is based on a DeviantArt drawing of a Teddy Bear defending his sleeping owner from a monster.
  • Ray Liotta joins The Muppets…Again: Liotta joins the human cast of the Muppets sequel that includes Tina Fey, Christoph Waltz, Ty Burrell and Ricky Gervais.
  • Arnold returning for Terminator 5: Schwarzenegger is returning to Conan and it was revealed that he will also be returning to the Terminator franchise as well.  The script for Terminator 5 is currently being written.
  • Mad Men Season 6 starts in April: April 7th to be specific.
  • Amazon developing Zombieland series: Just as Netflix is doing this year with House of Cards and Arrested Development, Amazon is getting into the original content arena with a series based on the fantastic horror/comedy, Zombieland.  The show will follow the four main characters, although with a new cast. Eli Craig, director of Tucker & Dale vs Evil may be directing.
  • Bruce Willis returning for Sin City 2Willis will reprise his role as Detective Hartigan in the upcoming sequel, A Dame to Kill For.
  • Metalocalypse creator Kickstarting a Superman Lives documentaryJon Schnepp, creator of Metalocalpyse, is trying to Kickstart a documentary about the failed Tim Burton directed, Nicolas Cage starring Superman Lives.  Schnepp made a video where he explains that he wants to collect all the material that’s out there about the movie into one convenient package and also interview some of the people involved.  He said also that if he gets enough money, they will also recreate a scene or scenes from the actual script.
  • Doctor Strange part of Marvel Phase 3Phase 2 of the Marvel Movie universe will be underway when Iron Man 3 is in theaters this Summer and continue until Avengers 2.  Phase 3 is already being figured out and Ant Man and Doctor Strange will be among the movies included.

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