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February Movie Preview

By Zach


February 1st

  • Bullet to the Head:  Stallone teams up with Sung Kang (aka Han of the Fast & Furious series) to take down a New Orleans crime boss and his ruthless assassin, played by Jason Momoa.  Khal Drogo vs Rambo in an axe fight?  Tickets bought already.
  • Warm Bodies: In an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, one zombie starts to regain some of his humanity after falling for a survivor.
  • Stand Up Guys: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin star as a trio of mob buddies who go out for a night on the town to celebrate Pacino’s release from prison but one of the friends has a hidden agenda forced on him by the bosses.

February 8th

  • Identity Thief: Jason Bateman has to head across the country to confront Melissa McCarthy, a shopaholic with the same name who has stolen his identity and gone on a shopping spree.
  • Side Effects: The latest from Steven Soderbergh, Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara star as a couple who are reunited after Channing gets out of prison but Mara suffers from heavy anxiety disorder and sees psychiatrist Jude Law, who prescribes a new drug.  Mara wakes up after taking the drug, finds a body and realizes she committed murder.

February 14th

  • A Good Day to Die Hard: John McClane returns for the fifth entry in the Die Hard series and this time he’s heading to Moscow because he gets word that his son, Jack, is in trouble with the local authorities.  John soon learns that Jack is working for the government and trying to stop a dangerous terrorist group from stealing and detonating a cache of plutonium.
  • Beautiful Creatures: A young girl arrives in a new town and falls for one of the local boys but she has to try and keep him safe from the dark secret that haunts her family.
  • Escape from Planet Earth: An alien astronaut is sent on a mission to Earth and is captured and taken to Area 51.  Meeting some fellow captured aliens, they decide to plan an escape and get home.
  • Safe Haven: The latest romantic schlock from Nicolas Sparks finds Julianne Hough as a women with a dark past who moves to a small town and falls for local guy, Josh Duhamel.

February 22

  • Dark Skies: Trading ghosts and demons for aliens, the producers of Insidious puts Keri Russell and her family in the cross-hairs of extraterrestrials, who have marked them for abduction.
  • Snitch: The Rock attempts to keep his son out of prison by infiltrating the local drug business and giving the authorities the kingpin.



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