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News Shotgun 2/1


  • Emily VanCamp female lead of Captain America: The Winter Soldier:  The star of Revenge will be starring opposite Chris Evans in the upcoming Cap sequel.  I would say with 90% confidence that she will be playing SHIELD Agent Sharon Carter.
  • Kenneth Branagh may direct live action Cinderella for Disney: The Thor director is currently in talks to direct a live action take on Cinderella for Disney.  Indie director Mark Romanek was originally attached and Cate Blanchett is attached to star as the wicked step-mother.
  • Fast 6 Plot revealed: The first trailer is debuting this weekend during the Super Bowl but the official plot synopsis has been revealed. Dom, Brian and the rest of the crew got away with $100 million in Fast 5 but warrants out for them means they can never return home to the US.  Special Agent Hobbs (The Rock), meanwhile, is chasing a dangerous crew of mercenary drivers led by Luke Evans and Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty.  Hobbs makes a deal with Dom that if the crew helps take down this rival team of criminals, they will get full pardons.
  • CW holding off on “Amazon”Wonder Woman just cannot get a break in this modern TV landscape.  The NBC pilot was not picked up and never aired and the CW was going to try and bring a Smallville/Arrowesque take called Amazon to air, but have now not greenlit production.
  • Pierre Morel directing Sean Penn in action thriller “Prone Gunman”: The director of Taken will be directing Penn in an adaptation of a French spy thriller where Penn will star as operative Martin Terrier, who works for a mysterious agency but wants out to marry his childhood sweetheart.  No one can just leave this organization however, and Terrier goes on the run throughout Europe.
  • Skyfall writers hired for Barbarella seriesNeal Purvis and Robert Wade, writers of the last five Bond movies, have signed on to write for Nicolas Winding Refn’s TV series based on the cult classic, Barbarella.
  • Eva Green cast as The Dame to Kill For:   In Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, Eva Green has been cast as the titular dame, Ava Lord, former love interest of Dwight McCarthy.
  • Duncan Jones directing Warcraft movie:  There hasn’t been much news on the World of Warcraft movie since Sam Raimi left the project but now it was announced that Moon and Source Code director, Duncan Jones, will be stepping in to take over the project.
  • Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof working on “Tomorrowland”There’s been rumors swirling about Brad Bird’s upcoming projects, whose working title was 1952, including that it was about a UFO incident in that year off the California coast but now the actual title has been revealed as Tomorrowland, referring to the Disney land at Disney World and Disneyland.  There is almost no other details besides the fact that George Clooney is supposed to star and it’s set in the present day, despite the working title’s year.
  • Paul Giamatti will be playing Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man 2We know that Harry Osborn and Mary Jane will be in Amazing Spider-Man 2 along with Jamie Foxx as Electro but it was revealed this week that Paul Giamatti will also be in the movie as classic Spider-Man villain, Rhino.  If Harry or Norman shows up as the Green Goblin, we are dangerously close to Spider-Man 3 “too many villains” syndrome.
  • Evil Dead gets NC-17 from the MPAA, cutting down to an RNot too surprising if you saw the insanely violent red band trailer but the remake of the Evil Dead was submitted to the MPAA for it’s rating and was given an NC-17.  The movie will be cut and edited to bring it down to an R but it should still be horrifically over the top violent.

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