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News Shotgun 2/16

By Zach


  • Sam Mendes most likely to return for Bond 24: After delivering one of the best Bond movies of all time with Skyfall, Sam Mendes is most likely going to return for the upcoming 24th Bond movie.  Daniel Craig  will return as Bond and the original idea was to have 24 and 25 be linked but they will now be stand alone movies.
  • Jason Momoa offered Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the GalaxyThe Conan and Game of Thrones actor has been, according to Latino Review, been offered the role of Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Drax is a genetically engineered killing machine whose sole purpose in life is to kill big bad Thanos but when he’s beaten to the punch, he joins the Guardians to help keep the galactic peace.
  • Dwayne Johnson will not be Lobo: One of The Rock’s upcoming movies was supposed to be an adaptation of the classic DC character, Lobo, but now it seems that amongst all the Justice League hub bub, Lobo has been put on the backburner and The Rock has left the project.
  • Paul Walker starring in remake of District B13: Along with starring as Agent 47 in a new Hitman movie and the Fast & Furious movies, Paul Walker will be starring in a remake of the cult, French parkour action movie, District B13.  The star of the original movie, David Belle, will be co-starring in this remake, entitled Brick Mansions.
  • AMC developing new horror drama “The Terror”Ridley Scott will be producing the new series for AMC, which is based on the novel of the same name by Dan Simmons and is about a crew of an 1847 British expedition to the arctic who are hunted by a mysterious predator.
  • Possible Fast 7 villain: If Fast & Furious 6 does half as hell as Fast 5 it will still make a boat load of money and there is already talks for the sequel.  The rumor currently is that the villain of the next movie could be the brother of Fast 6 villain, Luke Evans, and could be played by none other than Jason Statham.  If that happens, the world might implode from awesomeness.
  • Universal asks for second Mummy script:   Universal is currently working on a reboot of The Mummy and already had one script in the works from Prometheus co-writer, Jon Spaihts and now have commissioned another, competing script from Hunger Games writer, Billy Ray. Len Wiseman is currently signed on to direct the reboot.
  • Stanley Tucci won’t be back for Captain America 2: Tucci, who played Dr. Erskine in the first movie, said he won’t be back in the sequel but he did say that Hayley Atwell, who previously said she wasn’t returning, is returning in a flashback sequence as Peggy Carter.
  • MGM rebooting “The Incredible Shrinking Man”: The sci fi classic about a man, exposed to radiation, who starts shrinking in size is being rebooted by MGM with original author, the legendary Richard Matheson writing the script with his son and it will be an action/adventure movie involving contempory ideas, like nanotechnology.
  • Sandra Bullock cast in “Minions”The breakout stars of Despicable Me were definitely the Minions, who will be back in both Despicable Me 2 this year and in their own spin off movie.  It was announced that Sandra Bullock will be starring in the spin off, entitled Minions.  She will star as a 60’s villain named Scarlet Overkill, who hires the Minions when they are unemployed and attending a villain convention.  Some more plot details revealed that the spin off movie will follow the history of the minions and reveal that they had helped some of history’s greatest supervillains.
  • Mark Neveldine directing “The Vatican Tapes”: One half of the Crank directing team, Mark Neveldine will be going solo to direct the supernatural thriller, The Vatican Tapes.  The movie is about a tape of a failed exorcism that leaks from the Vatican.  His partner, Brian Taylor, is supposed to be directing the movie adaptation of Twisted Metal.
  • Action reboot of Oliver Twist in development:   Sony is looking to reboot the classic Dickens story, Oliver Twist, into an action movie in the vein of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies.  The movie would follow 20 something Oliver as he must go head to head against the Artful Dodger to prevent the Dodger from stealing the Crown Jewels.

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