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Kick Ass 2 Trailer


Kick Ass and Hit Girl are back to take on the world’s first super villain in Kick Ass 2.  Following the events of the first movie, Kick Ass and Hit Girl have continued to train and fight crime and have inspired a whole slew of fellow heroes, most notably Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes.  Red Mist, seeking revenge for his father, has renamed himself “The Motherfucker” and has gathered a group of villains to take down the heroes.  Jeff Wadlow, director of Never Back Down, is stepping in to direct.  The movie looks pretty good, the first was a stylish and hilariously profane take on the superhero genre and hopefully this will keep that up, even though some of the shock value of Chloe Moretz calling people cock suckers has lost a little impact now that she’s in her upper teens.  At the very least, Jim Carrey’s casting seems to be super interesting with an almost unrecognizable voice and none of his usual tics and quirks.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is out in August.

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