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Blood Runs Cold Trailer


Freezing cold weather can be scary enough, but throw in a crazed killer with pick axe and it turns into a nightmare.  That’s what’s happening with the upcoming horror movie, Blood Runs Cold, where a young musician heads back to her hometown to get some inspiration and stays at a creepy cabin rented by her manager.  She meets up with some old friends and everything seems to be going great until a guy with a face wrapped in bloody bandages, goggles and a pick axe starts terrorizing them.  The look of the villain is really cool, reminds me a bit of the “villain” of Timecrimes and it seems like it could be a solid slasher movie.  The movie is going to be in select theaters on March 22nd, VOD on March 26th and on DVD/Blu Ray on July 2.  You can check out the trailer below.

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