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The Conjuring Trailer

By Zach


Based on the true story behind The Amityville Horror is the latest from Saw/Paranormal Activity director, James Wan, The Conjuring.  Following paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren, they head to the town of Harrisville to investigate a family who are being tormented by evil spirits and discover all kinds of supernatural awfulness happening.  Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson co-star as the Warrens and the movie looks like it has a great period look and is not lacking in the scares department.  According to Wan, the movie was recently rated R by the MPAA, even though there is no graphic violence, sex or language that would warrant that rating.  The only explanation, according to him, is that the movie is “too scary” for a PG-13.  That should definitely pique the interest of horror fans, who should keep an eye out for it in July.  Check out the trailer below.

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