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News Shotgun 4/12


  • Dreamworks bringing back Trolls for a movie: Sony has had success bringing back The Smurfs and now Dreamworks is looking for it’s own revived franchise by getting the Trolls license, looking to make either a movie or TV series, or both.
  • Dredd could get comic sequel: As much as we loved Dredd, and despite it’s massive home video sales, there will probably not be a sequel to the movie but original Judge Dredd publisher, 2000AD, released a teaser image that looks like they will be continuing the Dredd movie universe in comic form this September.  IDW is currently publishing two on going Judge Dredd comics.
  • Fast and Furious cinematographer chosen to direct Point Break remakeEricson Core has been tapped by Alcon Entertainment to direct the remake of the Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze classic, Point Break.  Kurt Wimmer will be writing the screenplay.
  • James Wan in talks to direct Fast & Furious 7: Back at the Fast & Furious franchise, Justin Lin will finally step down from directing after coming on for Tokyo Drift and directing all the  subsequent movies.  Apparently Saw and Insidious director James Wan is in talks to direct the seventh entry.  Will this mean Dom and the crew will be facing street racing demons?  We can only hope.
  • Morris Chestnut may be playing Black PantherWe have a couple of dream choices for Black Panther here at EA (Isiah Mustafah, Michael Jai White) but apparently it could be Morris Chestnut, probably best known from Boyz in the Hood and shows like V and American Horror Story.  Chestnut apparently tweeted out “Better get familiar with the Black Panther character” before it was promptly removed from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Announced: The next game in the Arkham series of Batman games is the prequel, Arkham Origins and follows a younger Batman as he becomes the target of 8 assassins hired to kill him, lead by Deathstroke.  The game takes place on Christmas Eve and will be the first in the series to put Batman on the streets of Gotham proper.  The game won’t be developed by Rocksteady, who made Asylum and City, but by WB Montreal with Rocksteady’s engine.
  • Luke Evans playing Dracula in rebootUniversal is busy getting a reboot of The Mummy under way and they are also apparently trying to reboot Dracula as well and it was announced this week that Luke Evans will be playing the Count in the movie, just titled Dracula.
  • History renews Vikings for second seasonHistory Channel had massive success recently with The Bible and their first scripted show, Vikings, and they announced that the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok will continue with a 10 episode second season.

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