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EA Commentary: Lone Wolf McQuade


For this edition of Everything Action’s monthly movie commentary, Zach, Chris, Joe and Special Guest, Ryan, watch the Chuck Norris classic, Lone Wolf McQuade.  Norris plays Texas Ranger JJ McQuade, who is on the trail of arms dealer Rawley Wilkes, played by David Carradine.  It’s fake karate vs real karate and there’s a dwarf crime boss who loves pinball for some reason as well.  The guys try to figure out exactly what “carate” is, why is McQuade such a slob, why is Lionel Ritchie an FBI agent and try to determine if McQuade’s partner is the worst cop in movie history (answer: probably) along with a whole bunch of red blooded, off roading, beer fueled action.  The movie is available on Netflix or you can download it or sync up a hard copy and watch along with us.

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