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News Shotgun 4/19


  • Hayley Atwell says Peggy Carter short might debut at Comic ConWhether it’s flashbacks or some crazy plot twist, Peggy Carter is returning in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and actress Hayley Atwell said she also shot a short film that Marvel may screen at Comic Con that stars Peggy.
  • Will Ferrell and Jack Black playing Tag in an upcoming movieTag Brothers is an upcoming comedy movie starring the two as part of an epic game of Tag that is based on an actual game that’s been played continously for 23 years between a group of friends in Spokane, Washington, where the participants hide, spy and even break into each other houses in an attempt to score.
  • Will Smith takes over con artist movie, Focus, from Ben Affleck:   Affleck and Kristen Stewart were supposed to star in the con artist movie, Focus, which finds an old veteran teaching and getting romantically involved in a female rookie con artist but both dropped out and now Will Smith is stepping in to replace Affleck.
  • Joel Silver and Universal remaking Weird ScienceThe 80’s classic that originally starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as a pair of computer nerds who create a magical, sexy woman (Kelly LeBrock) out of their computer and get into wacky 80’s hijinks.  Michael Bacall, who wrote Scott Pilgrim, Project X and 21 Jump St. is writing the script.
  • 21 Jump St. 2 coming in 2014: A surprise hit in terms of both box office and quality, the remake of 21 Jump Street is most likely getting a sequel next year, according to Sony.  Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum would most likely return in their respective roles.
  • Joseph Kosinski teaming with AMC for new sci-fi showAMC is loading up on original shows and one of their newest announced projects is a team up with Tron: Legacy and Oblivion director, Joseph Kosinski for Ballistic City, a sci fi crime drama.  The show is supposed to be “Blade Runner meets Battlestar Galactica” and follows a former cop on massive space ship bound for a new planet and integrating himself into the criminal underworld on board.  Pacific Rim writer, Travis Beacham, is writing the script and also producing with Kosinski.
  • Disney says a new Star Wars is coming every year starting in 2015Disney is going to try extremely hard to make you sick of Star Wars as they announced this week that starting with Episode VII in 2015, there will be a new Star Wars movie every summer following.  The movies will alternate between proper Episodes and stand alone movies, like the proposed young Han Solo and Boba Fett movies.
  • Heroes may return on the XBox Live MarketplaceStarting out incredibly strong in it’s first season, NBC’s Heroes just took a nose dive in it’s first season finale and then never recovered thanks to the writer’s strike and increasingly stupid plots and characters.  MSN recently signed a deal though that may revive the show on the XBox Live video store.  The revived show would follow a new cast of super powered characters with cameos from the original shows cast.
  • Dr. Strange RumorsHopefully part of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be the big screen debut of the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange.  There were some rumors this week that Evil Dead’s Fede Alvarez may be in talks to direct and Justin Theroux may be in talks to star.  Theroux has been on shows like The District, Dead Like Me and Parks and Rec and in movies like Mulholland Dr. and American Psycho.
  • Michael Rooker joins Guardians of the GalaxyFresh of The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker is heading to space for his next role as intergalactic bounty hunter, Yondu, who was a member of the original incarnation of the Guardians.
  • First Look at Jamie Foxx as Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2:


  • New Iron Man attraction opens at DisneylandJust in time for Iron Man 3, Disney opened a new attraction at Disneyworld last week that lets you explore Tony’s Hall of Armor and then suit up in the Iron Man armor yourself thanks to virtual reality.  Hopefully this means that we can expect much more Marvel in the Disney parks sometime in the near future.

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