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The Pull List 4/24


  • Avengers #10: The cosmic batshit insanity continues this issue as one of the organic missiles launched at Earth by the villain Ex Nilhilo to “evolve” the planet landed in Canada and their premier superhero team, Omega Flight, was sent in to investigate.  A month later, the Avengers are called in by SHIELD and sent in to the overgrown area and things…happen.  Honestly, I’m not 100% about sure about what the hell actually happened in this issue, which is becoming the norm in this Avengers title.  The Avengers get transformed or see their future or alternate universe selves and then resolve to never talk about it with anyone, or something.  Jonathan Hickman is an amazing writer with great, complex ideas, but I feel like anyone who is checking this out because of the movies is going to have no chance of being to follow this story.
  • Avengers Arena #8: After looking into the genesis of the idea for this series by villain Arcade last issue, this issue heads back into the arena where the young heroes are still trying to survive.  This issue follows X-23 for the most part, who hasn’t been really seen since Arcade unleashed a pheromone that caused her to go into killing mode.  She finds Juston, a kid who has his own Sentinel and the two set out in the heavily modified killing machine.  I’m right on the line of not reading this book anymore, just because I don’t really have any context of who these characters are and it’s getting bogged down in them just wandering around on the island.  Hopefully Arcade does something to ratchet things up in the next issue or two or I might be bailing.
  • Deadpool #8: After the fantastic 80’s throwback last issue, this issue picks up the story in the present, with Deadpool inhabited by the spirit of SHIELD Agent Preston, bringing the return of Deadpool arguing with himself.  DP is approached by the demon he worked with in the 80’s issue, now scarred as punishment for his failure 20 years ago, and threatens Pool’s necromancer friend Michael with eternal damnation if DP doesn’t take down a series of 5 people who made a deal with the devil for super powers.  The ghost of Ben Franklin is also still hanging out as well.  This is still easily one of the craziest and funnest books you can pick up.


  • TMNT #21: A new arc is going to be starting in the pages of TMNT and as a prelude, Kevin Eastman returns to draw the art for this issue, which finds the Turtles battling a mysterious martial artist across the city.  If you like fights, this issue is pretty much one non stop fight and it’s also a great throwback to the original comics.  It’s pretty easy to guess who the assassin is, but it’s still a cool reveal and the final panel has a great “oh shit” moment for what’s going to be coming next month.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is probably the best iteration of the Turtles that there has ever been and if you’re a fan, you should definitely be reading it.
  • Fantastic Four #7: After getting into a battle at the beginning of time last issue, the Richards clan escapes to the end of time in this issue and meet a council of alien elders who are waiting for the collapse of the universe.  The big revelation this issue is that Ben’s blackouts and rages are most likely being caused by the same thing that is causing Reed’s stretching ability to deteriorate.  The whole Richards clan also pulls a con on the alien council in order to get Blastaar, the villain who tried to kill them last issue, left in the Negetive Zone, instead of being left to die at the beginning of time as intended.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #2: The Guardians, with their newest member Iron Man, head to Earth to stop a Badoon invasion in London for another issue of non stop action.  Every member of the Guardians gets a bad ass moment, from Drax ripping apart a spaceship with an axe to Gamorra ripping through troops with sword and gun to Rocket quipping to everyone he kills “Murdered Ya!”.   More of the overarching plot is revealed this issue as we find out that Starlord’s father met with the heads of the major alien races to decide what to do about Earth but were told by Freyja, the All-Mother of Asgard, that Earth was under Asgardian protection, prompting a evil series of glances between the remaining alien leaders.
  • Deadpool Killustrated #4: This mini series came to a rather confusing and uneventful end this week as Deadpool and the Deadpool inhabited Frankenstein’s Monster finally came face to face with Sherlock Holmes and his league of literary heroes.  There was a fun battle between the two factions but it ends really bizarrely as Holmes and Deadpool take HG Well’s time machine to the place where ideas are created and Deadpool lets himself be destroyed to seemingly finish off the “ideaverse” but Holmes remains and tries to remember and retain the literary heroes Deadpool killed so that the ideaverse can repair itself.  There’s a lot of almost impenetrable BS at the end of this book and it’s a pretty disappointing end to a ridiculous and fun mini series.


  • Judge Dredd: Year One #2: The early years of Judge Dredd continue with this issue, which finds Dredd still trying to find the source of the bizarre psychic powers that are affecting a number of young people in Mega City One.  The regular Dredd series is full of the over the top, ridiculous action of the original comics but this book, while still featuring lots of action, is digging deeper into the character of Dredd and seeing what makes him tick.  We get a lot of what he believes the role of the judges is in this issue and also what he thinks about the psi abilities that are starting to manifest.
  • GI Joe #3: It’s all about Duke this issue as the Baroness and Dr. Mindbender try to break into Duke’s mind and get the “All Clear” signal from him that will signal the rest of the GI Joe team to come to the ambush in Springfield that that they have setup.  Most of Duke’s backstory is revealed this issue, from being rejected from officer training, to joining the special forces to his complicated and tragic relationship with one of the Army’s Arabic translators and instructors, Aisha.  Despite the psychological torture, Duke doesn’t give them the all clear signal, but the signal that General Colton recognizes as the “ambush” signal and a rescue, and major firefight, seem imminent.

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