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The Pull List 5/29

Posted on May 29, 2013 by


  • The Wake #1: In the tradition of classic 80’s and 90’s thrillers like The Abyss, The Trench, Leviathian and Sphere, Batman writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy launch a new underwater adventure with The Wake.  Marine biologist Lee Archer is recurited by the government to be part of a team researching a mysterious sound but she and her fellow scientists realize that they were all only given the partial truth when Lee discovers a vicious looking, mermaid like creature locked in a tank at a secret, deep water oil rig.  The Wake is a ten issue series and this issue is a great, classic setup that is worth checking out, especially if you like any of the aforementioned movies (or book in the case of Sphere).
  • GI Joe #4: The Joes battle to escape Warrentown continues this episode as the lady Joes reunites with the guys at a scrapyard and regroup, with Road Block leading a team to attack the local shopping mall where a communications jammer is located while Doc and Quick Kick stay behind to operate on the critically wounded Shipwreck.  Tons of great action in this issue and they continue to reintroduce classic characters, like this issue with Cobras Croc Master and Scrap Iron.
  • TMNT #22: A new arc, City Fall,  kicks off with a bang this issue.  Shredder and the Foot are battling a rival gang and, reunited with the feudal witch Kitsune, Shredder launches a plan to turn Leonardo into his apprentice by kidnapping Casey Jones and luring the Turtles to a dockside ambush.  Shredder then proceeds to stab Casey through the gut with with wrist blades and forces the other Turtles to flee but Leo is hit with a tranquilizer dart by Shredder’s mutant wolf, Aloplex.  This book is the perfect blend of being mature but still accessible for kids who watch the new cartoon.


  • Star Trek #21: Picking up right where Into Darkness left off, Kirk and the Enterprise crew are barely a week into their new, five year mission when Spock starts having violent outbreaks and reveals he believes he is suffering something all Vulcan males experience every seven years, something that can only be resolved by participating in the Pon Farr ceremony on Vulcan.  Seeing as Vulcan was destroyed, the crew heads to New Vulcan and are surprised to find a lady Vulcan claiming to be Spock’s bethrothed.  Meanwhile, the Klingons plot revenge against Starfleet and meet with some shadowy members of Section 31.
  • Chew  #34: The creativity of the Chew team is on full display this issue as there is a montage of at least half a dozen new food based powers showcased, all now in possession of the vampire like Collector, who Detective Chu has vowed to kill to avenge his sister.  The world of Chew is a fully realized, violent yet incredibly goofy one that is always fun to visit every month.
  • Indestructible Hulk #8: The adventures of Bruce and his Shield team in Jotunheim are wrapped up this issue as the team combines their scientific know how with Thor’s magic to create a new portal back to SHIELD and the future but the Frost Giants launch an all out assault that is matched by Maria Hill, Agent Coulson and a team of SHIELD agents.  Thor and Hulk manage to smash a magical waterfall and change it’s flow to cut off the giants and allow the science team to escape.
  • Savage Wolverine #5: Speaking of the Hulk, he shows up, somehow, in the Savage Land in the pages of Savage Wolverine and gets into a vicious battle with a giant gorilla.  The brawl causes the machine keeping an ancient alien being in stasis is destroyed, freeing the Cthulhu like creature, who reports back to his master about the existence of Earth while Shanna, Hulk, Amadeus Cho and Wolverine head back to New York to discuss things with Reed Richards.


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