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News Shotgun 5/31


  • Sam Mendes most likely directing next two Bond filmsAfter directing the excellent Skyfall, it has gone back and forth whether Sam Mendes would return to direct Bond 24, but the most recent report is that he will, and will also possibly direct Bond 25 as well.  Daniel Craig will return as Bond.
  • NBC renews Hannibal for second seasonEasily one of the best NBC shows in a long while, Hannibal has been renewed for another season of grim and horrific murder.  The show will be back for 13 episodes in 2014.
  • New Expendables in “advanced negotiations” for Expendables 3:  Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes and the heretofore unmentioned Milla Jovovich are now almost all but confirmed to be appearing in the third Expendables movie, according to the CEO of Lionsgate.
  • Zack Synder producing 75th anniversary Superman animated shortMan of Steel is almost upon us and along with directing that film, Zack Synder apparently worked with Bruce Timm to make an animated short celebrating Superman’s 75th anniversary and tracing his various forms throughout the years.  It will be shown in rough form at Comic Con and then made available later this year.
  • Glenn Close joins Guardians of the Galaxy: Along with John C Reilly, Glenn Close has joined the cast of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie as the leader of the Nova Corps, the Green Lantern equivalents of the Marvel Universe.
  • Eric Roberts starring in The Human Centipede 3The third sequence of the horror franchise is coming later this year in the UK and an unspecified time elsewhere and the star of the movie will be none other than Eric Roberts.  It’s not clear exactly who Roberts is playing but apparently the villains of the previous films are returning as well and a potential “500 person centipede” is supposed to appear.
  • WWE producing animated Flintstones movie: Apparently The Rock calling John Cena a “fruity pebble” one time was enough to create a partnership between the WWE and Hanna Barbara.  The wrestling company is producing a direct to DVD animated movie featuring the modern stone age family and wrestlers CM Punk and John Cena, along with Vince McMahon himself, will be appearing as animated versions of themselves, as the Flintstones attend their first prehistoric wrestling match.
  • Super Mario Bros: The Movie 2 coming in comic formIt will be or was recently the 20th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. movie and the movie’s directors, Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, announced the story of the Mario Bros will continue in a webcomic, with new characters and locations from the games but in the style of the movie.


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