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The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer


Through most of the 90’s, wall street stock broker Jordan Belfort was one of the wealthiest men alive but was ultimately taken down by law enforcement when it was discovered most of his wealth had come from illegal business activity.  His story was already told once in the movie Boiler Room, but Martin Scorsese is stepping in to offer his take on the story in the upcoming move, The Wolf of Wall Street.  Scorsese teams with his favorite leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Belfort, while Matthew McCoughney and Jonah Hill play some of his co-conspirators.  The stupid amount of money that Belfort was making looks like it leads to all sorts of shenanigans.  The trailer has a pretty cool vibe and it seems like another awesome performance from DiCaprio.  It’s out in November and you can check out the trailer below.

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