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The Pull List 6/19

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  • Age of Ultron #10: The big Marvel crossover wrapped up this week with the future Sue Storm delivering the necessary details to the Hank Pym of the past so that the Avengers can stop Ultron immediately after the events of Avengers Vol. 4 #12.1.  Everything seems to be wrapped up but a fracture ripples through the space time continuum, giving the Marvel heroes glimpses of their alternate dimension selves and may have major ramifications in the future.  Already, Galactus appears in the Ultimate Universe and Spawn’s Angela, recently acquired by Marvel, arrives in the 616 universe.
  • GI Joe #5:  The first arc of the new GI Joe comic wrapped up in an action packed issue that featured some great fights between Croc Master and Roadblock and Tunnel Rat and Scrap Iron and officially added the publicity stunt blogger, Hashtag, into the ranks of GI Joe.  The town of Warrenton is almost completely destroyed by Baroness but that seems to be only one aspect of a plan that Cobra Commander is setting up, which includes putting Mad Monk in charge of Manhattan operations.
  • Avengers #14: Apparently a set up issue for the next big Marvel event, Infinity, this issue finds the various sites affected by Ex-Nihilo’s world bombs trying to signal somewhere off planet and causing massive electrical problems across the globe, like crashing planes and melting down nuclear plants.  The source is eventually found to be the Perth, Australia site and the Avengers head there and find a group of giant, multi headed creatures while the AIM scientists on AIM Island may have unleashed something by their experiments on the world bomb that landed in their borders.
  • Fantastic Four #9: The time traveling fun of Fantastic Four finds Ben and Reed going back to the day Victor Von Doom had his accident that caused him to transform into Dr. Doom, as Ben believes he may have been responsible for it.  Using special arm bands, Reed and Ben are able to remain hidden to their past selves but they find a variety of alternate Dooms are on hand to witness the event as well.  Ben decides he can’t let it happen again and he gets into a battle royale with the various Dooms.  Eventually, the Doom they all came to witness declares he wants to turn and Reed and Ben leave him to his, possibly inevitable, fate.


  • Animal Man #21: Buddy Baker is still reeling from the death of his son after Rotworld and decides to blow off some steam by investigating the disappearance of a number of animals in the area.  He stumbles across a horrific display in an abandoned warehouse with some sort of animal serial killer and fights him, but he gets away and Buddy is confronted by paparazzi, since he’s also kind of a movie star/celebrity.  Meanwhile, his daughter Maxine heads into the Red and agrees to be trained as their new champion, if she has her cat and the goat like Shepherd to help her and if she gets to search the Red for her brother, Cliff.
  • Indestructible Hulk #9: Secret Agent Hulk is back in it again this week after barely escaping the past Asgard in the last few issues.  This time, he’s sent by SHIELD to disrupt an arms deal of “Thor level” weapons, and one of them escapes so Bruce and his lawyer, who just happens to be Matt Murdock, set out to find the thief but a brawl in a bar allows him to escape and he makes it to his client, Baron Zemo.  This book isn’t quite Deadpool level of humor, but it does not take itself seriously and just runs with how awesome the premise of Hulk as a SHIELD agent/weapon is.
  • Thunderbolts #11: The Red Leader and Elektra take center stage this issue as The Leader reveals that his intellect is spread through numerous nodes and hubs on the internet and that last issue, when the cell phones kept ringing for him, it was his “brain” trying to get him info on Elektra’s brother.  Said brother is giving a speech about his reformed terrorist ways but it’s actually a trap to lure the Thunderbolts and make them seem like the terrorists.  A massive battle with Crimson Dynamo drones ensues and Elektra is forced to kill her brother.
  • Judge Dredd Year One #3: Dredd is currently stuck in an alternate Mega City One that was overrun by the same sort of psychic teens that are currently besieging his dimension.  He runs into a surviving Judge named Hopper and she reveals the true nature of the psychic disturbance.  It’s some sort of remnant of the nuclear war that occured and the entity calls itself, the Four Mothers of the Apocalypse.  Dredd believes there is more to their plan than just destroying the city, as the psychic teens have left the survivors relatively unchallenged, even though they could easily destroy them.


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