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The Pull List 7/10

Posted on July 10, 2013 by


  • Superman Unbound #2: If you were a fan of Man of Steel, Superman Unbound is the comic you should be checking out.  Superman has been dealing with a terrorist group called Ascension who brought down satellites in the last issue and take control of an experimental construction robot in Dubai and almost bring down the Burj Khalifa.  Superman consults with Batman, who reveals that there may be someone with similar powers, but much stronger running around and Superman confronts Lois’ father at his New Mexico military complex and he reveals some new weaponry and the mysterious super powered being reveals himself as well.
  • Astro City #2: The men and women of the superhero team Honor Guard’s call center are highlighted in this issue as new recruit Marella Cowper joins the team that responds to all the distress calls that come in from around the world and help direct the superheroes accordingly.  It’s a great, well thought out idea that is typical of Astro City putting a unique spin on all things superhero.
  • Batman #22: The extremely early years of Batman continue in the Zero Year event as Bruce takes on the Red Hood Gang and fails to stop them from hijacking a weapons cache from one of Oswald Cobblepot’s blimps.  Bruce learns from Edward Nygma that his uncle, Phillip, may be selling weapons to the Red Hoods as well and Alfred drops some harsh truths.  In the back up, Bruce learns from an eccentric inventing genius how to think outside of the box to escape a deadly situation.
  • Wolverine #6: The true nature of the mysterious body snatching alien weapon is revealed in that it’s actually a spaceship full of microscopic aliens from another dimension.  Wolverine manages to lead the few remaining SHIELD agents of the crashed helicarrier, Hercules, and stop the invasion, but they seem to have been able to shut down Logan’s healing factor, leaving him bleeding all over the street at the end of the issue.


  • Indestructible Hulk #10: Hulk and Daredevil manage to stop a major Hydra weapons cache from being used but Baron Zemo manages to put Hulk into a blind rage using some sort of sonic weapon, leaving Daredevil to figure out some way to stop him before he blows up half of Hells Kitchen.  Everything works out in the end and I’m super excited for the next issue, which seems to be sending the Hulk smashing his way through time.
  • Chew #35:  This was apparently the end of the latest storyline but there’s still a ton of things up in the air in the world of Tony Chu.  The case of the week involves a terrorist anti-chicken group (chicken being outlawed in this universe) taking a man who grows house size vegetables hostage.  Tony manages to take them down but gets a message from their leader that they are actually working to stop a major threat to the world.  Meanwhile, Tony’s arch enemy, the Vampire, is building up his offensive skills by eating snipers and martial artists to get their skills.  It’s an insane world to jump into but it’s one of the funniest (and at the same time, goriest) comics currently out there.
  • X-O Manowar #15: What I was expecting to happen after the events of last issue happened as Visigoth turned super soldier Aric returned his people to Earth and carved out a chunk of Eastern Europe as his new country.  This doesn’t sit well with one of his old compatriots, Gilad, who it turns out is an immortal warrior.  The two come to blows that should result in a massive fight next issue.


  • Thor: The Dark World Prequel #2: We learn what Jane Foster was up to during the events of The Avengers and that Thor and Heimdal used the Tessaract to rebuild the Bifrost Bridge and the Asgardians were finally able to help out the realms who were being attacked by a growing group of raiders.  These raiders are most like led by the dark elf, Malekith, who will be targeting Midgard aka Earth in Thor: The Dark World later this year.  Loki is also banished to the dungeons of Asgard.
  • Secret Avengers #6: More of the failed mission to kill AIM’s Scientist Supreme is revealed as Mockingbird and Taskmaster infiltrate AIM Island’s communications center and allow James Rhodes to talk to the rogue Iron Patriots, one of which comes down and takes him off to lead the others.  Maria Hill, meanwhile, is scrambling to figure out some way to contain the mission, as her predecessor was the one who set in motion before being deposed.
  • Grimm #3: Nick Burkhardt’s adventures in Europe continue this issue as he and the mysterious Grimm Maya rescue his mother from a group of Vessen nobles and then head off to find the coins, which Nick’s friends Monroe and Hank have tracked to the Matterhorn, but they find the box they were supposed to be contained in empty.
  • Suicide Squad #22: The Squad is sent to Las Vegas to stop a group of terrorists who want to “reduce people to their base nature” and unleash a giant monster made of dead matter.  Through a massive amount of firepower, the Squad is able to take the monster down but Amanda Waller gets some bad news from her scientists that the resurrection formula she used on herself and Deadshot will most likely end of killing them.
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