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Oldboy Trailer


A cult classic from Korea, Oldboy was a brutal and disturbing revenge thriller that followed a man who is inexplicably released after 20 years in captivity and sets out on a quest for revenge against those responsible.  Josh Brolin steps into that role for the remake, directed by Spike Lee.  Brolin plays an ad executive who is captured and locked away while his daughter grows up as the only survivor of a vicious crime.  Brolin is released out of the blue with a bag full of cash and he sets out to try and find those responsible.  Samuel L. Jackson and Elizabeth Olson co-star and there’s a great supporting cast including Michael Imperioli, Sharlto Copley and Lance Reddick.  It looks like this movie may match the brutal violence of the original but it’s not clear if it’s going to match some of it’s more disturbing relationship twists.  The movie is out in October and you can check out the trailer below (It’s a red band trailer so it may be slightly NSFW)

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