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News Shotgun 7/12

By Zach


  • X-Force movie in the works at Fox: Apparently they are expected to announce a grand plan for the Marvel franchises still under their control at Comic Con next week but Fox announced today that they will be moving forward with an X-Force movie, working closely with creator Rob Liefeld.  The roster of X-Force has changed over the years but two definites for the movie would apparently be Cable and Deadpool.
  • Netflix in talks for another season of Arrested DevelopmentI think most people consider the fourth season of Arrested Development a success and Netflix is apparently in talks to get a fifth season with creator Mitch Hurwitz.  There were a ton of cliffhangers in the fourth season that Hurwitz mentioned would be resolved with either a movie or another season.
  • Agent Carter short to appear on Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu RayHayley Atwell mentioned she was returning as Agent Peggy Carter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was revealed this week she’ll be starring in the latest short when Iron Man 3 hits home video.  The short will find Agent Carter, a year after Captain America, working for SHIELD’s predecessor, the SSR and investigating the mysterious “Zodiac”.  The short is supposed bridge the gap between Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Sam Mendes confirmed for Bond 24: After a lot of back and forth, it was officially finalized and confirmed that Sam Mendes will be back to direct the next Bond movie, and hopefully following up the success he had on Skyfall.
  • Day of the Dead remake in development: The producers behind Texas Chainsaw 3D have gotten the rights to remake the third film from zombie god George Romero.  The original movie followed a group of survivors living in a fortified military institution and the efforts to try and study and “domesticate” the zombies, most notably Bub the Zombie.
  • Legendary makes deal with Universal:  After The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, 300 and other massive movies, Legendary cut ties with Warner Bros and have made a deal with Universal to distribute future movies from the studio.
  • Fox developing a pilot based on League of Extraordinary GentlemenAfter a disastrous movie that failed to capture any of the greatness of the graphic novel, Fox is looking to try again, this time with a TV pilot, based on Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  The comic follows a group of classic literary characters like Allan Quartermain, Mina Harker, Dr. Jekyll, Captain Nemo and the Invisible Man who come together to fight world threatening evil like Professor Moriarty and the War of the World Martians.
  • Disney moving forward with another live action take on The Jungle BookAfter multiple failures to get a new live action franchise off the ground, Disney seems to be looking to their past catalog for a possible hit.  They have a live action Cinderella in the works and are now putting a new Jungle Book live action adaptation into development.  Justin Marks, writer of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and a few other movies, has been hired to write a script.  Disney had some decent success in 1994 with a live action version of the Rudyard Kipling classic that starred Jason Scott Lee as Mowgli.
  • Disney could lose over $150 million on The Lone RangerSpeaking of Disney and live action franchises, their latest disaster, The Lone Ranger, could lose the studio over $150 million, depending on what the actual budget for the movie was.
  • Charlie Kaufman/Guillermo Del Toro working on Slaughterhouse 5 movieGDT has Pacific Rim out this weekend and a bunch of other projects on the way and he’s added an adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut classic, Slaughterhouse Five, about a group of American soldiers who are captured by the Germans during WWII.  Charlie Kaufman is supposed to be developing a script with Del Toro.
  • Guillermo Del Toro said he’d like is DC Dark Universe movie to be in continuitySpeaking of GDT projects, one of them is the DC superhero movie, Dark Universe, which will team up characters like Swamp Thing and John Constantine.  Del Toro said in a recent interview that he would like to have the movie be in continuity for the DC Cinematic Universe or whatever they are planning to do on the way to Justice League.

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