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When You’re a Spy: Exit Plan


After a break for the Fourth of July next week, Burn Notice is back with Michael, Sam and Jesse caught between two dangerous Russian ladies while Fiona gets blackmailed back in Miami by Strong.

Picking up immediately following “Brother in Arms”, Michael, Jesse and Sam are on the trail of the mysterious Sonya, who Burke sacrificed himself to free from a secret Russian prison in Cuba.  Using his tracking skills, Michael is able to see that Sonya made a dummy trail and they try to flank her but he ends up getting jumped by Sonya.  Michael manages to convince her that he is loyal to Burke and their cause and the quartet then focuses on trying to escape Cuba, but their boat is cut off by the Cuban police.

Sonya knows a smuggler named Ruben Hernandez who may be able to smuggle them out of the country but his warehouse is surrounded by the Cuban police and an icy Russian counter intelligence officer named Oksana Zurkov, who figures out Michael and Sonya are in a hidden room, which Michael and Sonya barely escape from by throwing out some grenades.  Regrouping with Sam and Jesse, the group comes up with a new plan where Sam and Jesse will pose as bounty hunters and go to Oksana and say they are after Michael and offer to help her capture both while giving Michael and Sonya info and make a hole they can escape through.  Michael and Sonya manage to get into the local airport and Michael works on getting a half assembled plane ready to go.  Oksana finds out they are at the airport but Jesse and Sam manage to fake an attack on the police headquarters and convince Oksana that Michael is outside, and blew up Jesse and their car.  She pulls back her men from the airport and Michael gets Sam out by demanding the “guy with the chin” who has been hunting him.  The gang manages to escape back to Miami and Sonya says their next mission is to take down the hacker group that discovered her identity and got her locked up.

Meanwhile in Miami, Strong visits Fi and tells her that she’s involved with Michael’s mission whether she likes it or not and when she refuses, he gets her locked up for breaking and entering.  He gets her out and reveals that the fact that if Michael fails, they all go back to jail.

Overall, a great cat and mouse episode of Burn Notice with an interesting pair of new characters in Sonya and Oksana (who will hopefully return for revenge later in the season).  Sam and Jesse continue to be the MVP pairing for the season, bouncing back and forth between each other and keeping the season from being way too dark, although the teaser for next week makes it seem like it may be the darkest episode of Burn Notice ever.

  • Who Am I?: Just plain old Michael again this week, they seem to be moving away from the wacky accents, which is kind of a shame.
  • Spy Tip of the Week: How to use C4 to move cars into a roadblock if you don’t have any heavy equipment available.
  • Sam Axeism of the Week: “Westen is like a caged tiger, you back him into a corner, he’ll rip our faces off!”


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