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The Pull List 7/17


  • Dinosaurs Attack #1: Just like their Mars Attacks! series, IDW is fleshing out another classic, gory, trading card series with Dinosaurs Attack.  The attack will most likely begin in earnest next issue, but this first issue fleshes out the background of hero, Dr. Elias Thorne, who comes up with ground breaking technology that will allow humanity to observer history but things go horribly wrong and dinosaurs are unleashed on the modern world.
  • Avengers #16: I’ll be honest, I kind of have no idea what the hell is happening in this book anymore.  There is some sort of cosmic force that locations on Earth are communicating with and they unleash a giant robot and there’s living embodiments of the Universe, etc.  What happened to the Avengers fighting Doctor Doom or the Masters of Evil or something?
  • Iron Man #13: The true purpose of the robot 451 is revealed when he brings Tony to the Godkiller armor, a massive power suit that is miles high and 451 wants Tony to pilot and use to first defend Earth and then extend humanity, and specifically The Avengers, reach to the entire universe.  Intergalactic bounty hunter Death’s Head shows up to temporarily disrupt 451’s plans, allowing Tony a brief moment to break 451’s control of his suit and escape to try and come up with a plan to stop him.
  • Fantastic Four #10: Whatever is breaking down the FF is growing worse as Sue Storm’s insides are starting to show through her transparent skin and Ben Grimm’s rock covering is starting to flake off.  Reed Richards plans to bring his family to meet a famous chemist who may have some answers but something goes wrong and the family ends up in 1776 right as Thomas Jefferson is finishing the Declaration of Independence.  It turns out Ben Franklin has been replaced by a Skrull, so the FF have to beat some alien ass in the past to make sure everything goes according to history.


  • Deadpool #13: In what is hopefully the trend going forward, this issue of Deadpool is another “classic” issue, this time from the 70’s where Deadpool teams with the Heroes for Hire to stop The White Man from extorting money from a local bodega.  There’s so much greatness in this issue, from Deadpool becoming the catalyst for the formation of the Baseball Furies, to Deadpool dressed as a pimp named Deadpimp to constant jokes about how The White Man is bringing everyone down.  If you ever wanted to know what would happen if you combined Black Dynamite and Deadpool, this is a must read.
  • Animal Man #22: Things get pretty disturbing in this month’s issue of Animal Man as Buddy finds himself captured by a group of hideous mutants who have combined themselves with various animal parts in an attempt to tap into the Red that Buddy uses to access his animal powers.  After taking an ax to the shoulder, Buddy gets some of his blood drained and sent to the mysterious Brother Blood, who is running some sort of cult on the outskirts of LA.  In the land of the Red, Maxine learns a hard lesson when she tries to regrow her brother Cliff’s body but sees it melt in front of her since there’s no soul to place into it.
  • Nova #6: Apparently Sam Alexander fought with The Avengers in a recent issue that I missed and was offered membership by Thor, but his mother is against it.  This issue is kind of a filler issue, with Sam dealing with his normal life at school and home after having crazy galactic adventures in the last few issues.
  • Savage Wolverine #7: Wolverine and Elektra attack the lair of the Hand ninja clan in this issue to stop them from resurrecting Bullseye to kill the Kingpin.  Some fantastic ninja fighting action that we’ll hopefully get a ton of next week in The Wolverine and Wolverine may have met his match with a massive Japanese demon that enjoys a good fight as much as Logan.  Meanwhile, the true identity of who the Hand have resurrected is revealed to be Wilson Fisk’s late wife, who is now some sort of ninja zombie.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #10: After getting trounced last issue, the Thors are each cast in various directions and there is seemingly no way to stop the god butcher Gorr from detonating his God Bomb that will kill every deity in the past, present and future.  A poor choice of words from his wife causes Gorr to kill her and turns his son against him and he gives the Thor of the present access to a cache of weapons and he brings the other two Thors back into the fight for a final assault on the God Bomb’s core but it seemingly goes off before they can stop it.  What the hell is going to happen in the finale of this arc next issue?


  • TMNT: Villains: Aloplex: One of the best original characters created for this new comic series, Aloplex is Shredder’s most dangerous apprentice, a female arctic fox mutated in a research facility in Alaska.  In this spotlight issue, she is first tasked with taking down a group of renegade Foot soldiers and then joins Shredder on a mission to destroy the research facility she was created in.  Aloplex reconnects with her origins by wandering the forest outside the facility but is horrified when the Foot raze the forest with flamethrowers.  Shredder reveals that it was an ancient Foot tradition that is supposed to put her on the next rung but she responds by attacking him.  Shredder defeats her and she apologizes for the outburst but Shredder may have pushed her to far, as she is now possibly biding her time until she has an opportunity to kill him.
  • Thunderbolts #13: The origin of the most mysterious member of the Thunderbolts team, Mercy, who is some sort of elemental who feeds on people who are willing to die.  General Ross reveals to Venom the story of how he found her and his attempts to first stop her and then recruiting her to join the team.
  • Thanos Rising #4: This mini series is almost over and Thanos is almost to point of the evil god we know from stories like The Infinity Gauntlet.  At this point, Thanos is leading a group of pirates and just decimating random planets in an attempt to get his mysterious lady love to finally admit her love of him.  The big reveal, that we all knew if you know anything about Thanos, is that the mysterious woman is Death and that only Thanos can see and hear her, causing his crew to secretly believe he is insane.  Death tells him that he is not the god of death she knows he can be and says he never will be unless he goes back and destroys his home planet, which he agrees to do and that will culminate in the final issue.

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