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The Pull List 7/24

Posted on July 24, 2013 by


  • Wolverine #7: Due to the events of the last story line (and conveniently mirroring the plot of The Wolverine), Logan finds himself trying to deal with sudden mortality after decades of invulnerablity.  Suddenly things like shaving with a straight razor could be deadly and he talks things out with characters like Beast, Storm, Nick Fury Jr. and Thor.  Meanwhile, there seems to be some plot to kill any super villains who control diseases, possibly to stop any chance of Wolverine regaining his immortality.
  • Captain America #9: The final battle between Arnim Zola and Steve Rogers unfolds as Steve takes vengeance against Zola for years of torture and death of his son while Jet Zola finalizes her transformation to the good side.  It’s one of the most brutal fights I’ve seen from Cap.  Zola seems to have launched some sort of last minute attack on Earth but we’ll have to wait to see next issue what the results, if any, of that are.
  • Batman/Superman #2: Apparently there’s a godlike creature named Kaiyo the Trickster is the one responsible for the events of the premiere issue and in this issue he sends the younger Batman and Superman into Earth 2 to face their older selves, who are both much more in control and married to their respective love interests.  After brief squabbles, the pairs of heroes agree to work together and compare notes.  Luckily in Earth 2’s Metropolis, Wonder Woman arrives and takes out Kaiyo, who was disguised as Lois Lane, but he promises things are just getting started.


  • Judge Dredd #9: Dredd sets off into the irradiated Cursed Earth to hunt down the only chance to stop the robot uprising in Mega-City One but is waylaid by a group of backwoods mutants running a twisted amusement park.  Dredd tries to commandeer their transport but is instead thrown into a bizarre, seemingly never ending hall of mirrors that may also be some sort of time loop.
  • Judge Dredd: Year One #4: Back in the earlier days of Dredd’s career, he’s finally able to stop the threat of the psychically gifted teens who are tearing Mega City One to pieces.  In an alternate dimension, Dredd teams with the surviving judges to find the source of the psi emissions and learns it’s all a con by a criminal named Ashberry, time travel scientists and a psychic mutant.  Dredd kills the mutant and restores order in both dimensions, closing one of his earliest cases.
  • Star Trek #23: Spock’s Pon Farr madness is cured in classic Star Trek fashion by Chekov and Lt. Marcus, who are able to rework the teleporters to trick the crazed Vulcans bodies into thinking they are beaming onto Vulcan.  This works and Spock is brought back to his old self but there’s a shadowy group that seems ready to unleash an intergalactic war between the Federation, the Romulans and the Klingons.


  • Constantine #5: A tie-in to the Trinity War event (which if someone can let me know what books that is occurring in, because I haven’t seen any of it yet, that would be great) finds Constantine tricking Shazam into coming with him to a seedy bar and then using a voodoo doll to steal Shazam’s power, as Constantine has seen or knows something that causes him to believe Shazam could cause some sort of horrible catastrophe.   The coolest part of the book is probably seeing Constantine have to use the Shazam power himself to fight off some sort of demon that is unleashed by the Cult of the Cold Flame.
  • TMNT #24: Leonardo is a member of the Foot now.  If that doesn’t make you want to pick up this book, you’re not a true Turtles fan.  The incredible City Fall arc continues as the Turtles follow Hob and Slash to a warehouse where Hob claims Shredder is holding Leonardo.  In actuality, it’s of course a trap where Shredder unleashes the newly brainwashed Leonardo against his family, who he easily bests but they are able to escape when Slash breaks through the wall, allowing Splinter and the turtles to escape.  And hey, Casey also finally woke up from his stabbing induced coma, so that’s good news at least.
  • Ghostbusters (2013) #6: Egon and Janine’s boyfriend Roger are cast into Janine’s mind by the ghosts of her viking ancestors where Roger gets some uncomfortable evidence of Janine’s feelings towards Egon and they learn exactly what is happening to Janine.  It turns out one of the ghosts she faced while the original quartet was locked away in another dimension was actually Grendel, who she was supposed to best alone.  Since she had the help of the New Ghostbusters, she failed and now has to pay the price.  Egon manages to get a mental projection of a proton pack and blasts their way out and uses a handy wall mounted ghost trap to get the rest of Janine’s ancestors trapped in the containment unit.  There’s also hints that the next threat the guys will face is a ghost ship terrorizing the coast of Long Island.
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