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News Shotgun 7/26


  • Mitch Hurwitz says the Bluths will “definitely be back”: Mitch Hurwitz was at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Toronto this week and was asked about the next season of Arrested Development.  He said that he definitely wants to do either another a season or a movie but he doesn’t want to have everyone as disjointed and separated as they were in season 4.  He said he may do a movie or three part special to get the entire cast together before another full season of the show.
  • The Butterfly Effect getting rebooted:  The producers behind the Ashton Kutcher movie are looking to reboot the movie.  The movie found Ashton Kutcher with the unique ability to travel back in time to various dates by reading out of his childhood journal.  Trying to change his future, he caused horrible consequences for his friends and family.  The movie was followed by 2 direct to video sequels.
  • Matt Nix in talks with USA for Burn Notice spin-offBurn Notice is around the halfway point of it’s final season but we may not have to say good-bye to all the characters when the show ends in September.  Creator Matt Nix is apparently in talks with USA to develop a spin-off featuring Sam and Jesse, if not a full show at least a special in the vein of “The Fall of Sam Axe”.
  • “Frankenstein” reboot gets James McAvoy and Daniel RadcliffeFrankenstein is experiencing a bit of resurgence with Aaron Eckhart starring as the Monster in I, Frankenstein next year and now a new version on the classic story, being written by Chronicle’s Max Landis.  James McAvoy has been cast as Dr. Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe will play Igor.  The movie is set for an October 2014 release.
  • “Knights of Badassdom” gets a US distributor: After debuting at Comic Con 2011, the LARPing fantasy comedy Knights of Badassdom went into hibernation even though it starred Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Summer Glau and Danny Pudi.  The movie has finally gotten a US distributor, eOne Entertainment,  so we can finally see a team of LARPers save the world from actual monters.
  • New Beverly Hills Cop movie in the works: Shawn Ryan confirmed on Twitter this week that the Beverly Hills Cop show was officially dead, as no other networks wanted to pick it up after CBS passed.  Ryan did say that the pilot did spark interest at Paramount to develop a reboot movie, although it may be completely different from what the show was going to be, following Axel Foley’s son on various adventures.
  • Zac Effron and Ryan Gosling possibly in talks for Star Wars Episode VII:   Latino Review is reporting that Zac Effron went to Disney to audition for an unspecified role in Episode VII and that Ryan Gosling may have gone in to audition for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son.
  • Abigail Breslin will play Arnold’s daughter in MaggieHaving already survived one zombie apocalypse, Abigail Breslin is joining Arnold Schwarzenegger for another in the upcoming zombie movie, Maggie.  She will play Arnold’s daughter and the two are traveling across the ravaged countryside when Breslin’s character is bit and Arnold races to find a cure before she turns.
  • Howard the Duck part of Lego Marvel Super HeroesThe roster for Lego Marvel Super Heroes is already pretty huge but a new screenshot from the game revealed that Howard the Duck will be a playable character, since he is a Marvel character, in case you were only familiar with his wonderfully awful live action adaptation.
  • Rocky returns for “Creed”Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan, the team behind this weekend’s critically acclaimed limited release “Fruitvale Station”, are apparently in talks to direct and star respectively in a Rocky spin off where Jordan will play the grandson of Apollo Creed, who will be trained by Rocky for his shot at the title.
  • Casting and possible plot details for Expendables 3: The UFC’s Ronda Rousey and Kellan Lutz have joined the cast of Expendables 3 and the first possible plot details may have be revealed.  It seems like there will be a younger, tech savvy, team that will, at first, clash with The Expendables but then both teams will work together to take on a larger threat.
  • The Ant-Man of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man is Hank PymEdgar Wright confirmed this week that the version of Ant-Man in his upcoming movie is Hank Pym, although since it’s coming out after Avengers 2, he won’t be able to responsible for the building of Ultron like in the comics.
  • The Wolverine Blu-Ray/DVD cut to be unrated and bloodierThe Wolverine is out right now in theaters and getting some decent reviews but it sounds like the version fans may want to wait for is the unrated cut on Blu Ray/DVD, which director James Mangold said is more violent and bloodier.
  • Glenn Close confirmed as Nova Prime in Guardians of the GalaxyClose will be the leader of the Nova Corps, who are sort of the equivalent of the Green Lantern Corps of the DC Universe.
  • RIP Dennis Farina: Farina passed away at the age of 69 earlier this week and was probably best known for his role on Law & Order and in movies like Snatch, Get Shorty, Midnight Run, Little Big League, Luck, Saving Private Ryan, Miami Vice and Manhunter.
  • Pacific Rim is the number one movie internationallyUnfortunately it’s kind of disappointment in the US, but Pacific Rim is currently the number one movie at the international box office, with a total gross of $180 million.  It should at least match it’s production budget and hopefully get some kind of sequel, which Guillermo Del Toro said would feature a Jaeger/Kaiju hybrid if it happens.
  • The Simpsons will crossover with Futurama next yearAlong with the Family Guy crossover, The Simpsons will also crossover with their futuristic counterparts from Futurama next year.  Futurama will end this year but the characters will return in The Simpsons in a plot where Bender travels back in time to Springfield to kill Bart for something he does that has horrible ramifications for the future.
  • Remakes of Bloodsport and Kickboxer are in the works:  Two JCVD classics are getting remade with James McTeigue of V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin directing a Bloodsport remake and Stephen Fung of Tai Chi Zero directing a Kickboxer remake.  Neither project seems to have JCVD involved at the current time.


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