Battle at the Box Office 7/29


While The Wolverine was received much better than the previous solo Wolverine movie, it did not make quite as much money, probably because everyone still had the sour taste of that movie in their mouths.  The Wolverine made $55 million, right around the same as X-Men: First Class’s first weekend and better than the original X-Men.  The Conjuring remained strong in second place with another $22.1 million and bringing it’s total up to $83 million, quadruple it’s budget.  Despicable Me 2 made another $16 million and has made over $300 million domestically.  Turbo and Grown Ups 2 rounded out the top 5.  A few indie movies made the jump to wide release this week with the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station took tenth with $4.66 million and The Way, Way Back with $3.3 million to take eleventh.  Not great even for an indie movie was The To-Do List, which only made $1.5 million, which makes back it’s budget but is still kind of low for the cast and promotion.


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