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EA Commentary: Miami Connection

By Zach


For this commentary, Zach, Chris and Joe go back to a very specific time in 1987 when taekwando Grandmaster Y.K. Kim unleashed his magnum opus, Miami Connection onto a theater and audience that wasn’t ready for it.  Cut to last year, when Drafthouse Films found it and rightfully gave it a midnight movie tour and a wide release on DVD and Blu Ray and it recently hit Netflix as well.  There are a few movies like Birdemic, Troll 2 and The Room that are so incredibly bad that they actually transcend it’s badness and becomes amazing and Miami Connection is definitely one of those movies.  80’s synth rock band Dragon Sound just wants to play their music in the hottest club in Orlando but are assaulted on all sides by a rival band, a drug dealing gang and motorcycle ninjas.  Watch along with the EA crew as they groove to the two full songs in the movie, learn the intricacies of taekwando in a five minute demonstration (and are confused as to why everyone in the world is a martial arts master), try to figure out the groups anti-ninja agenda and the movie’s weird message of world peace after a vicious slaughter in a public park and much more.


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