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The Pull List 8/7

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  • Robocop: Last Stand #1: Based on an unproduced screenplay by Frank Miller, Boom Comics is bringing a new Robocop story to life with Miller at the helm.  OCP has an iron grip on Detroit and replaced the police force with OCP goons and ED-209s.  They are also desperate to build their Delta City development, even if it means forcing citizens out of their homes.  Robocop, now striking from a hidden base in the city, is the only left who has a chance of stopping OCP, especially after they killed Lewis.  Free from the reality of the movies (and it’s clunky but awesome costume), Robocop is able to to kind of unleash his inner Batman, striking and taking down OCP officers from the shadows.  It’s seems like it’s going to be a cool story that will be a seven issue miniseries.
  • Iron Man #14: After the last several issues of being held in grips of the horribly misguided robot 451, Tony is able to free himself and finally strike back, making a break for the miles high Godkiller armor.  451 reprograms the bounty hunter, Death’s Head, and send him after Tony but Tony is able to hotwire his repulsors for manual fire and damage 451 and send Death’s Head falling into a seemingly bottomless shaft.  451 still has control of the autopilot of the Godkiller and first sends it hurtling through a nearby planet and then turns it toward Earth, forcing Tony to fulfill his destiny as the pilot or have the Earth be destroyed.
  • Green Arrow #23: Ollie Queen learns about the secret history the master archer Shado had with his father, told in some incredibly stylized, Asian influenced flashback scenes.  Ollie learns that his father’s former protege, Richard LaCroix, was corrupted by a rogue group called The Outsiders, who are trying to gather the mythical weapons, like the actual Green Arrow, to take over the world.  LaCroix became Komodo, killed Ollie’s father and then stole Shado and Robert Queen’s daughter and raised her as his own.  There’s a fantastic showdown with Count Vertigo at the end of the issue and we’ll find out more about the Count next month during Villain Month.
  • Swamp Thing #23: Constantine’s reign as the “Whiskey King” comes to an end this issue as Swamp Thing manages to channel his remaining strength into a poppy flower that knocks the sorcerer out, breaking the spell and allowing Swamp Thing to grow into the size of a mountain and destroy the whiskey seed growing tree that sprang up because of the eco-terrorist, The Seeder.  Alec returns home to find a message waiting from The Seeder but we’ll have to wait until after Villain Month to find out what happens next.


  • Avengers AI #2: The robotic Avengers face off against a gigantic Sentinel unleashed by cyber-terrorist Dimitrios, who has taken over one of Tony Stark’s old, autonomous Iron Man suits.  Vision manages to override Dimitrios’ control but in the process, gives the Sentinel actual AI and he has some confusion over why he was attacking humans and why they are attacking him and it’s actually kind of sad.  Doombot continues to be the standout with his constant threats against the team and his arrogance that causes him to get blown to bits by the Sentinel.
  • Daredevil: Dark Nights #3: Daredevil’s mission to rescue a heart transplant for a little girl wraps up this issue as Matt Murdock manages to not only save the heart, but a local down on his luck guy who tried to get the heart back himself to claim the reward from the family in order to clear his gambling debts.  Daredevil manages to save him from a group of thugs and the heart is brought in just in time to save little Hannah.  It seems like this is going to be a series similar to the Savage Wolverine as it looks like a completely different arc is going to start next issue with Daredevil taking on Shocker.
  • Shadowman #9: The final battle between Shadowman and Master Darque fills this issue as Baron Samedi gathers the hiding souls of the dead in a final push against Darque and the magic user Dox uses his last once of strength to weaken Darque, allowing Shadowman to shove Darque onto his dark magic tower and overload it, seemingly saving both the world of the living and the dead.  It’s not clear where the story is going after this but there’s an uneasy alliance between Shadowman and Baron Samedi and Dox, who was also Shadowman’s mentor, is dead.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #2: The fight that was joke in Godzilla: Final Wars is a full fledged rumble as Godzilla takes on 1998’s Zilla in a battle in Hawaii.  Both monsters get to unleash a full bag of tricks, including Zilla using burrowing ability and speed while Godzilla uses his power and brute force.  Godzilla has Zilla on the ropes but stops before delivering the killing blow.  In typical crazy Godzilla fashion, it seems there’s an evil alien race who may be getting ready to unleash a monster or monsters on the Earth.
  • Detective Comics #23: Batman goes into the lion’s den to try and gather evidence on his evil imitator, Wrath, who is rival CEO E.D. Caldwell.  While Bruce is distracting Caldwell with a judo match/business meeting, Alfred sneaks into the high security section of the building to uncover evidence on Caldwell and find an entire arsenal of weapons that Wrath plans on unleashing against the entire GCPD.  Wrath captures Alfred, forcing hopefully an epic confrontation with Batman next issue.
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