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When You’re A Spy: Bitter Pill


The whole gang is recruited for the latest mission for James and his mysterious organization as they are tasked with protecting a visiting dignitary who may be a target for assassination.

James pulls the whole gang into his latest secret HQ without any warning and lets them know that Omar Hamed is giving a peace talk in Miami but there is intelligence that there may be an assassination attempt on him.  James tells the team if he dies, there will most likely be war in the Middle East.  Mike and Sam go undercover as his security while Jesse and Fi work the outside with their team leader, Ben Synder (David Meunier aka Johnny Crowder from Justified).  A possible assassin disguised as a waiter gets chased out by Michael but he’s gunned down by Libyans, Doc Brown style, and they learn that Hamed has been poisoned.  Tracing a lead that the assassin made a call to a strip club run by drug dealer, Khalid Hazik, Jesse and Fi head to the club pretending to want to make a drug deal but then grab Hazik and throw him out a window into the nearby harbor.  They manage to get him to Snyder for interrogation but Hazik won’t give up any info so Snyder poisons him with the same poison that was used on Hamed, forcing Hazik to lead them to the antidote.

While the gang tries to help Hamed, Madeline realizes that she is under surveillance by James’ men and eventually has a sit down with James in her house where James says he only wants to protect the people closest to Michael.  Madeline eventually relents to the surveillance.

Jesse, Fi and Snyder arrive at Hazik’s massive drug factory/warehouse and manage to sneak him in to where the antidote is but Snyder tricks Hazik into loading up the proper doseage and then tells him they are going to leave him to either die by the poison or by his own associates for helping them but Hazik tries to escape and Snyder kills him.  The trio is then trapped in the warehouse while Michael and Sam try to get Hamed to the warehouse.  Jesse manages to get out with the antidote while Snyder and Fi cover him and gets it to Hamed but a fire starts in the warehouse, trapping Fi and Snyder bails.  Michael goes back in and manages to shoot a fire extinguisher to get to Fi and get her out.  The mission is a success but James is displeased that Snyder broke a promise to never leave a teammate behind and kills him in front of the team.

There’s only four episodes left of the show and things are probably going to start ramping up as Michael needs to either succumb to James and his organization or finish his mission for the CIA and bring the group down.

  • Who Am I?: Michael is just Michael by Jesse and Fi go undercover as drug dealers Dimitros and Jeannie.
  • Spy Tip of the Week: We learned why strip clubs are the go to place for criminal meetings
  • Sam Axeism of the Week: “Oh Mike, you’re not saying, not the crab cakes” (after finding out Hamed as been poisoned)

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