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The Heisenberg Files: “Blood Money”

By brian

Walt, Jesse in "Blood Money"

One scene that really stuck out to me in last year’s “Breaking Bad” finale (besides the toilet discovery) was Skyler revealing the money to Walt. Her most important question: “How big does this pile have to be?” How much is enough for Walt?

The question was poised about money but could also be about power. Walt bluntly stated last season that he wasn’t in the money or meth business. He’s in the empire business.

Tonight’s cold open shows that Walt’s empire has crumbled in the near future. He breaks into his own condemned house to be greeted by “Heisenberg” spray painted in big letters and graffiti littered all over the walls. He grabs the concealed ricin capsule — still there — and is greeted by his neighbor Carol. She’s mortified to see him despite his friendly greeting. I guess the secret’s out.

In the present, we see Hank finally get off the porcelain throne to stagger out and leave in a huff. The revelation has become too much of shock, causing him to crash his car on someone’s lawn. He returns from the hospital clear-minded and hunkers down on putting the case all together.

Meanwhile at the car wash, Walt debates air freshener placement with Skyler before they are graced with an unwanted presence: Lydia. Walt may have left the operation, but she wants him back for a week or so to help train his replacements. She’s in a tough place with the lackluster product being churned since Walt leaving. But Walter sticks to his guns and keeps telling her he is definitely out. An extra threat by Skyler gets Lydia scurrying.

We catch up with Jesse who continues to be wracked by guilt. He stages a meeting with Saul Goodman to give money to Kaylee Ehrmantraut (Mike’s grand-daughter) and the parents of Drew Sharp (the kid that Todd killed after the train heist). Saul ultimately accepts but is forced to pull in Walt to help Jesse calm down. But as we see later when he’s chucking random stacks of cash out the window, he’s lost it.

While throwing up in the bathroom, Walt notices his copy of “Leaves of Grass” missing. When Walt asks Skyler what’s up with Hank, she reveals that he didn’t go to work all week. Walt goes outside and finds a bug on his car. He’s officially spooked.

Walt pays an innocent visit to Hank that turns volatile when he presents him with the bug. Hank threatens to lock him away forever. Walt announces that his cancer is back, and that pointing the finger to a cancer-stricken car wash owner with a loving family won’t hold up in court.

Hank stares at Walt. “I don’t know who you are. I don’t even know who I’m talking to,” he laments.

Walt stares back. “If you don’t know who I am…”

“Tread lightly.”

Breaking Baddest: Hank, who pretty much has a near-heart attack driving home from the White’s after his startling revelation.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Star Trek Fan Fiction: Badger’s epic Star Trek idea was one for the ages, bitch.

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