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The Heisenberg Files: “Buried”


You didn’t have to search the Internet far and wide last week to find the most tense scene of last week’s premiere of “Breaking Bad”. Walt’s “tread lightly” threat to Hank basically meant that all bets were off. There were to be no compromises. Walt was back to dying from cancer, and he wasn’t going to give Hank even the slightest of advantages over him.

It doesn’t take long for Hank to try to exhaust his options. He tries to talk calmly to Skyler and paint her as a victim. Perhaps that would’ve worked some point last season, but now with the money laundering firmly in place and her and Walt on the same level, her willingness to give up everything to Hank isn’t too high. She’s just about as guilty going along.

Hank knows that he has to have some sort of proof to bring to his confidants at the DEA. After Skyler turns down Hank’s plea for information, Marie is brought in only to have her emotions flare up, resulting in a slap to Skyler’s face and Marie attempting to take Holly away from them. Marie is exasperated. It seems a little like she wants to end this more than Hank does.

Meanwhile, Walt enlists the help of Saul’s goons to dispose of the gigantic pile of money left in the storage unit. After baking in the hot New Mexico sun all day, Walt returns home to a frantic Skyler. Walt passes out from exhaustion then makes Skyler promise to protect the money — or else all of Walt’s schemes would have been for nothing. Despite how evil Heisenberg has gotten, Walt seems sincere that his number one concern is his family. Skyler agrees and says it would be best to be quiet for a while. But as Hank later corners a detained Jesse, you have the feeling the real storm is a’comin.

Breaking Baddest: Lydia hires Todd and his uncle’s goons to take out the competition (remember Declan?) and restore order to her frustrated Czech buyers. Cold blooded.

Now We’re Cookin… With Bad Cop Show Clichés: You may remember the two cop doofuses who are grilling Jesse as the same pair that were suspicious of him when Brock was poisoned.

Question of the Week: Here’s one for you, the reader: do you think Jesse will give up on Walt easily? It’s clear that he’s been bothered by the events of last season (and well, overall). Does he squeal to Hank the first chance he gets?

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