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Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer


Gareth Edwards burst onto the scene with 2010’s low budget but extremely atmospheric Monsters and so impressed the folks at Legendary that he’s now rebooting Godzilla.  The Monsters series will continue with a sequel next year directed Tom Green, one of the creators of the British superhero show, Misfits.  Combing the giant alien monsters of the first movie with some Heart of Darknesss, the movie follows a soldier whose squad is tasked with heading into infected territory to take out a rogue soldier when his squad is attacked by creatures, leaving only him and a young rookie left to finish the mission and get out alive.  This first clip is a very short teaser but the world building and feel of the first movie still seems to be intact, as bulldozers carry out the carcasses of killed creatures.  Game of Thrones’ Joe Dempsie stars but there’s no solid release date as of yet.  You can check out the teaser below.

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