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The Heisenberg Files: “To’hajiilee”

By brian


For Walter White, family is everything. It’s the end goal. If he may parish — so be it — as long as Skylar, Walt Jr. and Holly get the reap the benefits of his unsavory deeds. He is expendable.

Walt’s penchant for protecting family has worked out for him mostly through the run of “Breaking Bad”. Some may complain that Walt gets his way too much of the time. Sure, outside people die and things blow up, but his family is rarely in severe danger. And that includes Jesse.

Which makes tonight’s episode a bit of walk on the wild side. Last week we ended with Walt’s call to Todd to take care of one Jesse Pinkman. Even though Jesse was (and I guess technically still is) family, Walt is annoyed as Jesse’s attempts to not listen to his reasoning. Jesse may or may not be a “rat”, but he has become a nuisance in Walt’s end goal. He is now expendable.

That Walt doesn’t know Jesse is working with Hank is what makes him comes undone. Ready to send the Nazi calvary to take Jesse out, he is flabbergasted to find his brother-in-law in tow. Accepting defeat at the hands of the DEA, Walt gives up. He got caught over-reacting to Jesse’s claim he found the money. Hank and Gomie know where it is. Game over.

Walt calls off the calvary but it’s too late. Todd’s uncle Jack and his gang come out to the money spot with guns blazing, battling Hank and Gomez in shoot-out. Walt’s screams at Jack to stop are for naught. Frustratingly, this is how the episode ends.

Three episodes left. It seemed that was the end of Walter White, but as the two flash-forwards show, there is much to come. Who is left standing at the end beside Walt is the question.

Breaking Baddest: Walt, who probably breaks a time record from the car wash to his money spot. Admitting he killed all those thugs for Jesse wasn’t smart either.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Local Celebrity Status: Walt Jr. fawns over Saul Goodman’s car wash appearance, and we get a clear CGI’d shot of the “Better Call Saul” billboard.


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