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The Heisenberg Files: “Ozymandias”


Family. That’s the end game. That’s the thing that Walter White has fought so hard for. A simpler life, with no worries, for Skyler, Walt Jr. and Holly. Hell, even Hank and Marie too. He doesn’t matter if he is out of the picture. As long as his family is safe.

After watching tonight’s episode, one questions whether or not the “family” goal is truly a goal for Walt. He’s made many questionable decisions in the series run, and none more than tonight. He surrendered Hank to Jack, gave up Jesse as a cook/slave, and even kidnapped his own daughter from his wife and son. Is “family” just an excuse for Walt to keep everything he’s earned?

With Hank and Gomez out of the way, Walt surrenders all but one money barrel to Jack and his thugs. He’s about to have Jesse murdered until a sobered Todd trades Jesse meth cooking for his life, for now. Walt, still mourning his dead brother-in-law and searching for any little victory, boasts witnessing Jane’s death to Jesse. I guess you could say they ain’t buds anymore.

With Hank disposed and some of the money still in his possession, Walt desperately gets back to his house. In the meantime, Marie tells Skyler that Hank has Walt in custody. Skyler accepts this defeat and tells Junior, who is understandably livid about the whole thing.

Walt gets home, packed in a hurry, and tries to usher his family out the door and into the arms of Saul’s new identity guy. This is the time where Skyler won’t forgive Walt or listen to another bullshit explanation. She takes control of his family, even going as far as trying to kill Walt with a knife. An exasperated Walt steals Holly and proceeds on his own.

Walt has his cash and his kid but calls Skyler later, berating her for not going along. He says he has some work to do. Hank may have been removed as a threat, but Jack’s vicious crew still looms. They’ll want their payment after Jesse’s taken care of. If there’s any shred of humanity left for Walt, the time is now.

Breaking Baddest: Jack, who murders Gomez and then Hank in cold blood. He’s still a threat to Walt and his family.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Cold Blooded Confessions: Many fans wondered when or if Walt’s silence about Jane’s death would come out. And man, did it come out here. My response.


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