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News Shotgun 9/20

By Zach


  • Disney splits with Jerry BruckheimerFor years, Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney have been partnered, putting out movies like the National Treasure and Pirates of the Caribbean movies but next year, that partnership will end as Bruckheimer will “…not seek to renew a first-look deal when it expires next year”, which means future Bruckheimer movies will be up for grabs for any studio that puts up the cash.
  • Final two Breaking Bad episodes will be longer than normal:   The final two episodes of Breaking Bad will both get an additional 15 minutes added, putting them up to 75 minutes with commericals.
  • Michael Bay may direct Ghost Recon movie: Ubisoft’s aggressive move into movies includes Assassin’s Cread, Splinter Cell, Rabbids and Ghost Recon, the latter which is getting the screenwriters who recently adapted Y: The Last Man for the big screen and possibly Michael Bay directing.  Bay is producing the movie currently and it will be a joint venture between Warner Bros, Ubisoft and Platinum Dunes.
  • Agent Carter series coming to TV: She’s starring in the latest Marvel One Shot on the upcoming Iron Man 3 Blu Ray and that is apparently just a teaser for a full on Agent Carter show.  Hayley Atwell is not officially on board to reprise her role.  Marvel is in the early stages of development and it would most likely be on ABC if it comes to fruition.
  • Lego documentary coming in 2014:   If you’re a fan of Lego, next year is going to be spectacular as you’ll have the awesome looking Lego Movie from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and there will also be a documentary about the company coming as well.  The documentary should be out sometime in early 2014.
  • Simon Pegg starring in crime thriller “Kill Me Three Times”Pegg will star as an assassin hired to kill a singer and the movie is told from three different perspectives.  Teresea Palmer and Luke Hemsworth (yes, there’s a third Hemsworth brother) are set to co-star.
  • Kelsey Grammar joins Expendables 3: Grammar is apparently joining the EX3 crew in the role Nicolas Cage was supposed to have been in, a mercenary of undisclosed allegiance.
  • AMC splitting Mad Men final season into two parts:   AMC is pulling a Breaking Bad on the last season of Mad Men and splitting the final season into two parts.  The first seven episodes will air next spring and the final seven will air in the spring of 2015.
  • Fede Alvarez directing adaptation of Dante’s Inferno (The Game)Although it’s gameplay was basically God of War, Dante’s Inferno did make an impression with it’s horrific violence and the movie adaptation has found seemingly the perfect director to match that violence, Evil Dead’s Fede Alvarez.
  • Arnold may be the villain of Avatar 2James Cameron is apparently scouting locations and doing pre-production on Avatar 2 and now there’s a rumor that Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the villain of the movie, as he and Cameron visited a rain forest in Brazil together back in 2011 where Cameron wanted to take the cast for training.
  • Lucas Black returning for Fast & Furious 7We haven’t seen Lucas Black’s Sean since Tokyo Drift but since Fast 7 is finally taking place following Tokyo Drift, Sean will be back and joining Vin Diesel and the crew to avenge Han’s death against Jason Statham.  Black has apparently signed on for the next THREE Fast & Furious movies.
  • The Walking Dead getting a spin-off showAMC announced that The Walking Dead would be getting a spin-off show that would follow an entirely new set of characters in a new story and coming from the current producers.  There’s no other info like casting or when we can expect to see it.
  • Vin Diesel revealed there’s a new Riddick game in the worksIn a recent interview Riddick, Vin Diesel revealed there’s a new game featuring the character coming soon, being developed by ex-Starbreeze employees, who made the fantastic Escape from Butcher Bay game featuring Riddick.
  • Insidious 3 in the works:  Not surprising considering it’s box office performance but a third chapter in the Insidious story is coming from screenwriters Leigh Whannell, who wrote the other two films but director James Wan will not return, as he’s now on the Fast & Furious franchise.

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