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Everything Action Theater: The Blacklist Pilot

By Zach

The Blacklist - Season Pilot

Continuing the new Fall TV season, NBC debuted their new action/thriller The Blacklist last night.  James Spader stars as Raymond Reddington, basically the terrorist equivalent of Hannibal Lecter, but he’s a “concierge of crime”, helping other criminals with dealings and supplies.  He turns himself in to the FBI and brings them word that a known Serbian terrorist is in Washington DC has a plan to kidnap a Navy general’s daughter.   Reddington will only speak with rookie profiler Elizabeth Keen, who is heading out for her first day with the bureau.  They are trying really hard to get the sort of back and forth that you got in the Hannibal movies between Hannibal and Clarice but I’m not completely sold on the main actress, Megan Boone yet.  James Spader is super fun though and is a complete, cocky asshole.  There’s some fun 24 moments as well, which seems to be the other half of the formula The Blacklist is going for and Joe Carnahan directed the pilot and is an executive producer.  You can check out the pilot below and the show is airing at 10 PM on Mondays on NBC.

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