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The Pull List 9/25


  • Guardians of the Galaxy #6: The Guardians take on Angela on the dark side of the moon and all of the combined are barely enough to stop her rampage.  Peter Quill manages to subdue her with a shot of lightning but a Watcher shows up, heralding that something bad is coming for Earth and possibly the entire galaxy.
  • Nova #8: After helping rebuild a skate park he wrecked, Sam Alexander’s cover is blown when his friend Carrie recognizes his voice (as Sam is doing nothing to hide it) and, after a mid-air mishap, meets Speedball and Justice, two superheroes who used to run with Sam’s dad.  Meanwhile, Thanos, hearing about the existence of a Nova on Earth, dispatches a sadistic killer to take out Sam.
  • Metallo #1: Metallo gets an interesting new take on his origin as he starts out as Sgt. John Corben, grievously injured in battle and placed into General Lane’s test project and encased in a armored robotic housing.  He’s infused with kryptonite to jump start his vital organs and becomes a one man WMD but his reckless disregard for civilians causes the US government to try and kill him.  He survives and attack General Lane but Lane reveals another, improved robot soldier, who Metallo defeats but seemingly dies in a self destruct blast.  Metallo survives and is recruited by Scarecrow in the Secret Society.
  • Killer Croc #1: Croc’s rule in the sewers of Gotham is interrupted by a group of corrupt GCPD officers, who are brutally taken down one by one by Croc and his followers.  Croc’s origin is also revealed and he grew up with a pretty abusive aunt and was bullied and made an outcast because of his skin condition but he’s now the king of Gotham’s sewer system.
  • Man-Bat #1: Man Bat aka Dr. Kirk Langstrom has some noble intentions at the start of the Forever Evil crisis, deciding to use his serum to protect the innocent of Gotham with the seeming death of Batman but he quickly succumbs to addiction, like his wife,  starts going insane and attacks the police and helpless victims.  The issue leaves off with him seemingly going on rampage of bloodlust.
  • Deadpool #17: Deadpool manages to free Captain America and Wolverine and together, they launch an attack on the evil North Korean camp that has created a group of mutants using samples of the X-Men and Deadpool.  There’s a double of Wolverine named Park and a Nightcrawler double named Kim and Cap, Logan and Wade help them use their powers to take down the guards at the camp.  The man behind the horror, Buttler, escapes but after defeating a mutated guard, the group has the location of the captured family members.
  • The Trial of the Punisher #1: Something we’ve never seen before happens in the first of this two part special as Frank Castle turns himself in and pleads guilty to killing a district attorney, who was killed in the crossfire when Frank was taking out a mob enforcer.  Frank’s attorney manages to get an insanity evaluation done but Frank seems determined to plead guilty and get the death penalty, even though we all know he has some ulterior motive to getting captured.
  • Sinestro #1: Serving as a good recap, I think, of the recent Green Lantern series, this Villains Month title tells the recent history of Sinestro, how he became a Green Lantern and how he got power hungry and formed the Yellow Lanterns, but eventually had to destroy them and the Guardians, who formed the Green Lanterns.


  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #4: Godzilla almost meets his match when the evil aliens trying to invade Earth unleash Destroyah against him on the shores of Malibu.  After his last encounter, Godzilla was actually wounded but thankfully he gets help from Mothra and together, they are able to defeat Destroyah and prevent the aliens from making off with a nuclear reactor.
  • TMNT #26: The epic City Fall arc continues as Shredder and his new apprentice Leonardo launch a devastating attack on their rival martial arts gang, the Savate.  Meanwhile, Splinter breaks into the Stockman labs to steal mutagen for mutant criminal, Old Hob, who agrees to help the Turtles get Leonardo back in exchange and the other Turtles hit the streets to get any leads or help to get Leo back.
  • Star Trek #25: War may finally be breaking out in the JJ Abrams Star Trek universe as the Romulans launch a devastating attack on a Klingon colony under construction and when Kirk and the Enterprise crew go to look for survivors and assist, Kirk and the away team are captured by the Klingons and the Enterprise comes under fire from Klingon warships that are seemingly based on Nero’s ship, the Narada, from the first movie.  The mysterious Sector 31 is also seemingly manipulating things from behind the scenes to keep Admiral Marcus’ plan to start a war going.
  • Dinosaurs Attack #4: IDW’s second series based on a classic trading card series continues as dinosaurs continue to wreak havoc across the world and the military learns that the dinosaurs actually seem to have some sort of strategy to their attacks and the scientists aboard the space station responsible for the events learn that an evil demonic dinosaur “god” is controlling things.  I gotta say, I’m not really feeling this one as much as the recent Mars Attacks! series.


  • Bane #1: Bane in the New 52 universe has been building an army in South America and now, with Batman seemingly dead, he’s taking the opportunity to launch an all out assault to gain control of Gotham.  He has an army of Venom addicted soldiers, tanks and his agents successfully take over Blackgate prison, setting up a turf war between Bane and the Blackgate inmates vs the other Batman rogues and the Arkham inmates.
  • Secret Society #1: One of the evil overlords of the Secret Society, Owl Man, gets highlighted this issue.  He’s the evil version of Batman, using his smarts and resources to take over Gotham and running it as he saw fit.  He kills his universe’s Joker, but not before his Alfred gets sprayed by Joker poison and his Dick Grayson gets cut up into various presents.  Evil Alfred seems to have something unsavory set up for our Dick Grayson, who was captured by the Secret Society in Forever Evil #1
  • Doomsday #1: Even though he’s the title character, Doomsday is more of a background character in his spotlight episode as Kara, Superman’s cousin, finds out about the character’s various appearances in the history of Krypton.  General Zod actually defeated Doomsday at one point and Zod or Doomsday or both are trying to break out of the Phantom Zone and are terrorizing Kara.
  • Black Adam #1: Although he’s technically a villain, to the citizens of Kahndaq, he’s their greatest hero, freeing the country from an evil warlord in the ancient past.  A group of young freedom fighters has a plan to resurrect them and their linguistic expert manages it before he is killed by government troops. Black Adam frees the people from their most recent dictator and does not take kindly to the Secret Society declaring that “the world is ours” and heads off to seemingly face them.


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