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The Pull List 10/16


  • Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1: While the war for Gotham has begun between Bane and the Arkham inmates, Central City has gotten a group of unlikely heroes in the Rogues, who return from the meeting with the Crime Syndicate to find the city in ruins following an attack by Grodd.  The Rogues make their way to the hospital where Captain Cold’s sister, Glider, is in a coma and have to defend it against a group of lackey supervillains sent by the Crime Syndicate.  The Rogues hold their own but may be in over their head when the evil Green Lantern and Firestorm, Power Ring and Deathstorm arrive to squash their rebellion.
  • Fantastic Four #13: In sort of a mini Age of Ultronesque story, the history of the other Johnny Storm is revealed in that he was part of a team on a world taken over by Doom, Annihilus and Kang and was shot in the head by Doom after a failed last stand by the Four.  Meanwhile, our Fantastic Four is in super rough shape, with Ben quickly turning into a pile of goo after losing his rocky exterior and Sue becoming transparent in places.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #7: The origins of Angela are revealed this issue after her capture by the Guardians.  She claims to be from a place called “Heven” and was trained to be a hunter.  The time break that occured at the end of Age of Ultron brought her to our dimension.  She knows of Earth however, albeit only as a legend and Peter Quill and Tony Stark believe her and let her explore Earth for answers, giving her a comm unit to call them if she runs into any trouble.
  • Animal Man #24: Brother Blood and his Red totem master launch an all out assault on the other totems of the Red, almost killing Buddy Baker and his daughter Maxine in the process.  Maxine’s crew of animal pirates bring her to the safety of the fringes of the Red while Buddy has to figure out someway to get back to the Red, having been cut off following the events of Rotworld.  Brother Blood’s forces on Earth also take the DC universe’s equivalent of the Oscars hostage and demand Buddy show up for a public execution.


  • Star Wars #10: The Rebel fleet is in the crosshairs as X-wing pilot Prithi makes a gamble to return to the fleet when her life support runs out.  She’s tracked by the Imperial Star Destroyer that Luke and Wedge just happen to have infiltrated and they manage to escape in some stolen TIE Interceptors.  Meanwhile, Leia leaves her fellow Alderaanean, and the man who designed the Death Star’s laser weapon, behind and returns to the fleet and Han manages to escape Boba Fett for the time being above Coruscant.
  • Batman/Superman #4: Discovering a powerful crystal that can stop Darkseid, the younger Batman and Superman fight their older selves for control of it but, after seeing the power, realize that no one should have it and help their older selves destroy it.  The trickster god who brought them all together says that it was a test they all failed by destoying the crystal, leaving both worlds open for Darkseid and she sends the duos back to their own Earths with no memory of what happened.
  • X/O Manowar #18: Aric of Dacia has trouble on two fronts as one of his subjects is challenging his rule while the Russian military launches an attack to destroy the Visigoths.  The commandos attacking the “helpless” villagers don’t anticipate them using alien mechs and Aric easily destroys a state of the art submarine, ending the battle within ten minutes.
  • Star Trek: Khan #1: Much like DC and Marvel has done in the past few months, IDW is exploring the history of one of their villains with the backstory of Khan from Star Trek: Into Darkness.   Prior to be refrozen, Khan stands trial before Starfleet and is asked to explain where he came  from.   Going back to the 1970’s, Noonien Singh was an orphan in India who was captured by a research scientist and bred to be the ultimate soldier.  After years of training,   Noonien uses his training to free his fellow test subjects and killing the scientist behind the experiment.  This is going to be a 5 issue mini-series and hopefully they’ll explain how Indian Noonien Singh connects to British Khan, which Starfleet is aware are two different people.


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