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Mr. Peabody & Sherman Trailer


We’ve seen a ton of classic cartoon characters get rebooted in the last few years and now Mr. Peabody and Sherman are getting CG’d and hitting the big screen.  I’m not too familiar with show outside of the various references and jokes over the years but I know the basic premise was that Mr. Peabody and Sherman would travel through time getting into adventures and usually Sherman would mess something up, much to Mr. Peabody’s chagrin.  In the new movie, Mr. Peabody is one of the world’s greatest minds, despite being a dog and Sherman is his adopted son, which is kind of bizarre.  To try and impress a girl, Sherman takes the Wayback Machine on a joyride that causes dangerous ripples across time and Peabody has to step in to help Sherman fix things.  It’s coming from Dreamworks in March of next year but the jokes seem kind of lame, with a lot of easy fart jokes and puns.  Ty Burrell of Modern Family plays Mr. Peabody and Max Charles plays Sherman.  You can check out the trailer below.

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