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Musical Montage: Warren Zevon “Werwolves of London”


If you’re one of those delusional people who thought “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock was so catchy; You need to get hit with some knowledge.  He lifted the entire melody wholesale from Warren Zevon’s infinitely superior “Werewolves of London”.  Since this is the last week of October and Halloween is on Thursday, the song is also the perfect way to close out this horrific set of songs.  I’m sure that there’s some sort of slang going on in Werewolves of London but, looking at the lyrics, it seems like Warren is just singing about an actual werewolf running around London getting into trouble.  He also name checks the Wolfman himself, Lon Chaney Jr. and his father Lon Chaney.  Check out the video for the song below, featuring what looks like a cross between Dracula and The Wolfman.

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