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Divergent Trailer


As with any popular series, The Hunger Games as spawned numerous imitators and the latest one trying to set itself up as a new movie franchise is Divergent.  Starring The Descendant’s Shailene Woodley, Divergent is set in a dystopian future where teens are given a personality test that assigns them to one of five factions based on their personality.  Beatrice Prior’s test is inconclusive and she’s labeled a “divergent” and will never be accepted by any of the factions.  I haven’t read the books but going off the trailer, it seems like she joins up with some sort of resistance and gets weapons and combat training and Kate Winslet seems to be the main antagonist.  The movie is out in March of next year but we’ll have to see if it’s going to carve it’s out it’s own niche or become the Golden Compass or Spiderwick Chronicles of the YA dystopian future genre.  Check out the trailer below.

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