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News Shotgun 11/22

By Zach


  • Alice in Wonderland 2 coming 2016 from Disney: Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp will be reprising their roles as Alice and The Mad Hatter in the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, which made over $1 billion at the box office.  The sequel is coming May 27, 2016
  • Telltale may develop Game of Thrones game: Garnering massive praise for their Walking Dead and Fables games, Telltale may be heading to Westeros for a future adventure game based on the HBO show.  IGN heard the rumor from multiple sources but there’s no official comment from Telltale yet.
  • Hammer remaking The Abominable SnowmanThe horror studio behind The Woman in Black is reaching into their back catalog for a remake of 1957’s “The Abominable Snowman” which starred Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker.  The plot of the movie follows a pair of scientists illegally exploring the Himalayas and accidentally awakening the Yeti.
  • Gran Turismo movie gets screenwriter: Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse has been hired to write the script for a Gran Turismo movie for Sony, based on the popular racing video game also from Sony.  The movie will apparently be kind of a fictionalized version of the GT Academy reality show,where the best GT players were brought into a real life racing competition and the two winners are now actual, professional race drivers.
  • Idris Elba was and may be in talks for Luke CageAlready playing Heimdall in Thor, Idris Elba may have been in or currently in talks to play Luke Cage.  During an interview for Thor: The Dark World, Luke Cage was brought up, which Elba said he talked to Marvel about some time back.  When the new Netflix show was brought up, Elba seemingly knew all about it.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road coming Summer 2015: Sorry if you finally got your Summer 2015 schedule all sorted out because the latest edition to the already jam packed line up is Mad Max: Fury Road, the reboot/prequel starring Tom Hardy.  It’s coming May 15, 2015, two weeks after Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.
  • The Purge 2 coming next Summer: One of the biggest hits of the year, Universal immediately put The Purge 2 into production and it’s coming out next Summer, June 20th, to be precise.  It’s not clear if it will still follow Lena Headey and her kids or an entirely new set of characters but director James DeMonaco will be back to write and direct.
  • David Goyer pitching a Sandman movie to WB: One of the seminal comic series, Sandman, may be on the way to the big screen if David Goyer can pitch it to Warner Bros.  The book follows a group of characters who are the manifestation of human experiences, like Death and Joseph Gordon Levitt may be in line to play one of the main characters, Morpheus.
  • Tom Cruise starring in El Presidente: Tom Cruise will be starring as a Secret Service agent who is assigned to protect the world’s worst former president.  The President was originally supposed to be Robert Downey Jr. but now director Doug Liman is hoping Jack Nicholson will come on board to co-star.
  • FX getting show based on Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Strain”FX has ordered a full, 13 episode season of The Strain, a vampire show based on Guillermo Del Toro’s trilogy of books.  The twist on the vampire genre is that the spread of vampires in the world is more zombie like in that it’s a virus that turns people.
  • The Flash getting own pilot on CW: Barry Allen will be visiting Starling City on the December 4th and 11th episodes of Arrow and the original plan was for him to appear in costume on the 20th episode of Arrow season two to segue into a full Flash series.  Now it seems like The Flash will just have his own pilot, most likely airing sometime next spring but still in the universe of Arrow.
  • AMC ordering a Preacher series: With Walking Dead basically the number one show on TV, AMC is looking to get another comic series on it’s network with Garth Ennis’ Preacher.  Frequently pointed to as one of the best comics of all time, Preacher follows a motley crew of characters, including a drunken Irish vampire, a singer who tried to kill himself, blew his face off and lived and the titular character, a priest who is out to to find and find God. Seth Rogen may be on board in some capacity, as he tweeted some cryptic tweets around the same time the rumored order was reported.
  • Bond regains rights to Blofeld and SPECTRE: There’s been some bizarre legal issues with the Bond franchise over the years but one of the biggest ones may finally be settled as EON and the estate of Kevin McClory have settled the issue regarding the use of Blofeld and SPECTRE in the most recent Bond movies.  You can see how this issue effected the Daniel Craig series with the aborted attempt to create Quantum as kind of a stand in for SPECTRE.  If Blofeld make his triumphant return to the Craig Bond universe, that would be pretty great.


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