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Everything Action Theater: Rick and Morty Pilot


Although he’s back now, when Dan Harmon left Community he headed over to Adult Swim and Rick and Morty is the result.  If you watched Acceptable.tv back in the day on VH1, you probably saw Mister Sprinkles, which was an incredibly disturbing, but hilarious, take on a Cat in the Hatesque character and Rick and Morty is definitely in that vein.  Rick is an alcoholic scientist who moves in with his daughter and takes his grandson, Morty, on incredibly dangerous adventures for “research”.  Imagine if Doc Brown from Back to the Future was a raging alcoholic and that’s kind of what the show is.  Justin Roiland voices Rick and Morty, Chris Parnell is Morty’s dad Jeff and Sarah Chalke plays Morty’s mom, Beth, who’s a cardiac surgeon for horses.  Adult Swim put the entire first episode online to watch and the show premieres on Dec. 2nd at 10:30 PM, check out the episode below.

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