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Musical Montage: The Dan Band “Ho”


Usually covering female centric songs like Genie in a Bottle, No Scrubs, You Oughta Know, etc or being the profanity filled wedding band for the various characters in Todd Phillips movies like Old School or The Hangover, The Dan Band also put out a Christmas album full of original, filthy and hilarious songs and you can check out some of the tracks below, including the break out “I Wanna Rock U Hard This Xmas”.


“Please Don’t Bomb Nobody this Holiday”


“Ho Ho Ho”


“I Wanna Rock U Hard This Xmas”



One thought on “Musical Montage: The Dan Band “Ho”

  1. I think this Dan ban “Ho” is a right timing for Christmas. I guess, this is something different and entertaining. Aside from its hilarious content, I think Dan Band is very creative and has a very cool style of music. Although , others say that it has some songs that might not be for the entire family. However, this Christmas album is full of original humorous and funny songs.

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