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The Pull List 12/11

By Zach


  • Forever Evil: Arkham War #3: The battle for Gotham City rages on as the Arkham inmates try to get the deadly Talon clones activated while Bane captures Emperor Penguin and delivers him to Oswald Cobblepot in exchange for his allegiance and some info that the Arkham inmates are not afraid of Bane since they’ve seen worse with Batman, so Bane transforms himself into the new Batman and takes out Killer Croc, who was given Wayne Tower by Scarecrow.
  • Chew #38: While Tony continues to mourn the loss of his sister, Toni, his former partner Mason puts a plan in motion in the high security FDA prison, the Can, and bites a chunk out of high profile prisoner, Raymond Montero, for info on the vicious vampire who is gaining food based powers.
  • Batman #26:  Bruce barely survives an encounter with Dr. Death, who crushes Bruce’s skull before getting chased off by Jim Gordon.  After a tense confrontation at the hospital, Bruce heads out to try and rescue the two remaining scientists who worked with Dr. Death, but gets there too late and comes under fire from GCPD, who arrive on the scene moments later.
  • Astro City #7: A new arc with the major heroes of the Astro City universe starts with Winged Victory (the equivalent of Wonder Woman) finds that her enemies are spreading the word that she has paid them for years to fake their crimes as a way to make her seem like a hero and she sets out to find out why but faces judgement from the magical council of women who gave her her powers.  Her origin is also revealed as well.
  • Suicide Squad #26: Amanda Waller manages to convince King Shark and his father Kamo from killing each other and regroups with Jim Gordon Jr. and a captured Harley Quinn, only to find out that The Thinker has transferred his mind into seemingly unstoppable OMAC.  The rest of the squad is revealed to be alive after Harley caused an avalanche to fall onto them when she stole OMAC.


  • Doc Savage #1: The pulp hero is back for a new series from Dynamite that finds Doc trying uncover the cause of a mysterious outbreak of violent behavior in NYC that he and his team eventually learn is a high frequency radio broadcast that is being sent from skyscrapers across the city.  Doc is kind of like if Tony Stark had the strength and skills of Captain America and it’s a fun, pulpy adventure.
  • Captain America #14: Speaking of Cap, he gets into a vicious fight with the psychotic Nuke and almost loses control and kills him until Falcon intervenes.  Nuke is turned over to SHIELD but a photo of Cap and Nuke seemingly working together makes it online while The Iron Nail plots the final part of his revenge plan.
  • Wolverine #12: Still trapped in a mall with many of his enemies trying to kill him, Logan evades Silver Samurai and the various Hand ninja, only to come face to face with Mystique, who has been hiding in plain sight as one of the security guards Logan and Kitty Pryde have been trying to protect.  Mystique opens the way to final section of the mall and Logan finally comes face to face with Sabretooth, although he’s so horrifically hurt that Sabretooth easily defeats him and prepares to behead him with Logan’s own samurai sword.
  • Captain America: Living Legend #4: This mini series wraps up with Cap being rescued from being absorbed into the alien dark energy field by the Russian cosmonaut Volkov, who calls to Cap from deep in the base and reveals that he, and the creature inside of him, want to die, which Cap reluctantly agrees to.  Meanwhile, Dr. Fox and the other Russian soldiers manage to reverse the polarity of the DEUS device, sucking in the alien beings and ending their threat.


  • GI Joe #11: The origin of Roadblock is revealed and he came to GI Joe through his cousin Lamont aka Heavy Duty.  Roadblock was confined to a video game test project after being injured in combat, which he and his cousin played while Lamont was in the field.  News of Lamont’s death reaches Roadblock but he sees his cousin’s avatar soon afterward and tracks the IP to the Joe base, breaking his way inside but gets captured (after head butting and knocking out Snake Eyes).  Lamont vouches for his cousin and Roadblock joins the Joes.
  • Nova #11: Sam realizes that the lights and vision problems he’s been having are actual a map of dead Novas helmets that are still transmitting after he finds a dead Nova on a moon full of spider monsters.  The activated helmets draw the attention of an intergalactic hunter, who collects Nova helmets as trophies and seems to want to add Sam’s to his collection.
  • Thunderbolts #19: On the road away from NYC following the completion of The Punisher’s mission, The Red Leader plots his escape and attempts an escape by taking out Red Hulk with gamma radiation, setting Deadpool on fire and using the fire to separate Flash Thompson from Venom.  The fire causes Frank to have to pull off the road but The Leader jumps out and throws grenades in, seemingly killing the entire team.  It’s revealed that this is just one scenario the Leader is planning but his diminished brain power makes him unsure of himself and he decides to bide his time and wait for another opportunity.
  • Unity #2: Toyo Harada and his super team arrive at Aric of Dacia’s alien spaceship base to stop Aric and his X-O Manowar armor before he causes World War 3 with his invasion of Romania.  It turns out to be a trap as Aric launches the ship into space and battles the Unity team.  Technology based Livewire manages to interface with the ship and battles Aric digitally and succeeds in taking over the ship and separating him from his armor, but the ship plunges out of orbit and into the ocean.


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