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Battle of the Damned Trailer


As much as we love Dolph Lundgren here at Everything Action, he didn’t have the greatest year movie wise with Ambushed and Blood of Redemption both being pretty mediocre and boring.  Battle of the Damned looks anything but as Lundgren (as Max Gatling) heads into a quarantined city to rescue a billionaire’s daughter from the zombie hordes within.  Just when it seems like the zombies will overrun Max and the survivors he finds, an army of robots arrives to even the score.  Now Max, the survivors and their robots soliders must fight their way out of the city.  It looks kind of insane and Dolph vs Zombies already had my curiosity, but you throw in robots and now you have my attention.  The movie is out February 18th on DVD, Blu Ray and VOD and you can check out the Red Band trailer below.

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