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EA Commentary: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

By Zach


For this special Christmas commentary, the Everything Action crew of Zach, Chris and Joe brought in returning commentator, Ryan along with first timer, Asa, to take on the 1998 Jonathan Taylor Thomas “classic”, I’ll Be Home for Christmas.  JTT is a college student in a suspiciously high school like university who tries to avoid heading home with his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, to the East Coast and instead wants to head down to Cabo.  He changes his mind when his dad, Gary Cole, offers him the family’s classic Porsche if he makes it home in time for Christmas.  A group of unsatisfied customers of JTT’s test cheating service strand him the middle of the desert in a Santa suit, however, and JTT need to make his away across the country, and through various wacky situations, to make it home in time.  The guys try to figure out how JTT manages to stay ahead of Jessica Biel and his rival, who are in a car while he’s on foot, the legal power of a Santa suit and much more.  It’s available on Netflix streaming, so queue it up with the commentary and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Everything Action.


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